Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Avatar, it's true!

The fourth episode of The Grid's Honest Truth is now up on the site, out on the feed, and available in your pocket!

Texas, She Of The Texas-Sized-Heart, tells me that we're now up on iTunes, helping Steve Jobs take over the world one MacAddict at a time:

Just go to that page, subscribe to the podcast, and iTunes will take care of the rest.

Best of all, it's absolutely free! (After you've bought your iPod and iTouch and iPad and iMac and iGIVEUP iAM iNSOLVENT!)

There's more news to choose to lose coming, so get your saddles on your motorcycles as "Good Game, No Rematch!" Zen chops and slides the Fiveapalooza episode!

Oh, and come on by The Church of SecondLientology on South Chilbo when you've got a chance. It's just barely useful and hardly interactive at the moment... heck, it could be a Linden InfoHub if I were to tell my builders to cool their jets!

And that's the Grid's Honest Truth!

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