Guess what, Mr. and Mrs. Avatar!

The Grid's Honest Truth #5 is now online, with #6 and #7 coming soon.

Unless, of course, we have to rollback the Treet.TV servers, which means we'll have to hold yet another star-studded premiere party full of gifts and prizes and...

Oh. That's right. We didn't have one of those.

Instead of a limo and a driver, I get a notecard full of landmarks.

Nothing but the best for your pal SecondLie!

Sure, Blue mars is on the cloud, but you can stick SecondLie where the sun don't shine... in your iPhone in your pocket. (Look up "The Grid's Honest Truth" in iTunes!)

If you've got questions, comments, or just need a smack to the back of your head, this is the place... write me and all your questions will get answered.

And that's the Grid's Honest Truth!

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