Happy New Year, Mr. and Mrs. Avatar, and all the scripts in C##!

Friendly greetings to Rod Humble, the new CEO of Linden Lab and King of Second Life... may his reign not rain on our parades.

(Spare the Rod my grief, but spoil the child-avatar?)

Hopefully the Lab all ate black-eyes peas for good luck, because they've certainly picked up their share of black eyes in the press this year.

Want to hear more? There's a new Grid's Honest Truth, sliced and dives by the editor-of-the-year and producer-of-my-dreams Zen Paine. Give it a look, listen, and lick as you break all your new year's resolutions.

As for my own new year's resolutions, I've got one and only one: to one day appear on Paisley's show and look out over a sea of smiling bag-headed faces.

Until then, well, a boy can dream... that's the Grid's Honest Truth!

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