What happens when you add the Pure Stocks, Sprint Cars, and Dirt Modifieds together? Well, it would probably be pretty ugly were it a car, so we're fortunate in that it's the theme of this week's show!

The Pure Stocks are going to once again be attacking the figure 8 track as they did on opening night. This means that the race won't be as cut and dry as the oval race you saw these cars take place in earlier this season. There's a lot of potential for disaster here. As it's a figure 8 race, to keep the excitement going, they'll be running after the Dirt Modifieds this week! Currently Ryde Thor, Zaria Falconer and Gage Pastorelli are only 14 points apart. This is going to be a tight finish. We also just might have a special surprise in store for you...

The Sprint Cars are definitely the fastest cars on the Dirtfield Races show, and indeed have knocked down the track record at Dirtfield Raceway almost every week. These winged beasts are only two races into their five race season, and so far the driver to beat has been (surprise, surprise) Ryde Thor! Thor has won both races in the division thus far, and is going for a perfect record. Ten points seperate first place Thor from third place Subwoofer Fuhr, Zaria Falconer sits 2nd only 4 points down.

The Dirt Modifieds... what can I say? For a division that's been running since mid-2007 on the ancient, tiny Dirtfield Bullring, and is still thriving on today's much larger Dirtfield Raceway. This is arguably their best season yet. Let's take a look at some of the statistics. Three cars have seen victory lane this season in Dirt Mod competition. Mango Birdbrain, Zaria Falconer, and Ryde Thor. Thirty Four points seperate first place (Zaria Falconer) from fourth place (Gage Pastorelli). 14 cars have run at least one race this season, and more often than not, the margins of victory have been well under a second.

What does this all mean? It means we've got a recipe for a molotov cocktail of a show this Sunday, that's what. Rivalries are heating up in all the car classes, and as the season reaches it's midpoint, we're really starting to see the championship races emerge. Is Ryde Thor going to have a breakout season? Can Zaria Falconer pull off her first Dirt Modified championship?

Hopefully we'll find out. See you this Sunday at 4 PM SLT!

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