E veryone loves the TROO cars! From the most staunch racing fan to the those who just watch for the crashes. There's a little bit of everything for everyone in the series. You've got your precision driving tactics, sideways sliding, and over-braking and over-taking for the racer in all of us. On the other hand, you've got nasty wrecks, flips, and twisted metal for the sadist in all of us! It also has co-announcer Caz Freschi!

That's great news, of course, for those of us planning to tune in this Sunday! The TROO Series will be finishing off our show that evening, with additional races provided by the ultra-fast Super Late Model series, and of course the main event every week, the Dirt Modifieds Series.

W hile we're talking about the Dirt Modifieds, let's take a gander at just how they've been faring this season. Listed here are the top 8 cars. These guys and gals are the ones in the hunt for the championship.

1. Ryde Thor - 244
2. Zaria Falconer - 238
3. Subwoofer Fuhr - 228
4. Gage Pastorelli - 204
5. Landis Allen - 180
6. Mango Birdbrain - 142
7. Vickster Kuhn - 136
8. Hoss Republic - 116

With Mango Birdbrain missing two races, he's fallen far out of the hunt, leaving three cars in the thick of things, with a fourth sneaking into the picture.

"I think I'll be back before the end of the season," Birdbrain told me last week. "If I finish within fifty points of the leader, I'll at least know I could have won it."

This of course really leaves things down to the two we've seen up front all season, V&B Racing's Ryde Thor, and The Sleepy Bunch's Zaria Falconer. However, in the past few weeks, Flying Fur Motorsports' Subwoofer Fuhr, and Roadkill Racing's Gage Pastorelli have really turned up the heat.

All season long, Fuhr has struggled, while Pastorelli meticulously picks off other drivers, and manages to place in the top five. Fuhr, braving computer problems last week drove to a second place finish , as you saw here on TREET.TV -- but he's really going to have to turn it up to reel in the other two. Could Subwoofer Fuhr bring home a trophy this season in dirt mods? Time will tell.

T he Super Late Model series has been a pretty rough one on equipment this season. So far Ryde Thor and Zaria Falconer have split the wins down the middle. That's not a big surprise considering how well either driver is faring this season, nor is Subwoofer Fuhr sitting in third. The breakout performance in Super Late Models surely has to be awarded to Landis Allen, who currently sits fourth in the standings, 12 points off the leader.

Super Late Model fields have been thin this season, and as such, there may be a surprise in store for drivers and fans alike this coming Sunday. We'll see if that pans out.

Three exciting series will do battle this Sunday. I don't know about you, but I can't wait.

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