For two classes coming into this evening only one race will be remaining when the last checkered flag of the evening drops. For another, only a handful of races are left.

In Super Late Model competition, the fastest of the fast have been battling door panel to door panel (and in some cases door panel to nose panel!) in what's proven to be a rather difficult season for a lot of drivers. Regulars Vickster Kuhn and Hoss Republic haven't seen victory lane at all this season, as a matter of fact, even I wasn't able to beat arguably the fastest pair of drivers in the DWRL right now. That'd be of course, Ryde Thor and Zaria Falconer. (For those who missed me racing in the last Super Late Model feature, I lost to Ryde by a nose, and Zaria by a straightaway.) Zaria Falconer has a two point lead coming into this week. If Ryde Thor beats her by one car, we'll be looking at a tie coming into the finale.

In Dirt Modified competition , just 22 points separate first from third. Ryde Thor of V&B Racing leads Zaria Falconer of The Sleepy Bunch with Subwoofer Fuhr of Flying Fur Motorsports sitting third. Right now Thor's in a sweet spot with that lead, but things are going to be a little bit different this week. Mid-week, Zaria Falconer rolled out a brand new car that she's been laying down some pretty slick times in. As late as Friday, Thor was seen testing his own new car. Both are scheduled to appear this week on the show. So we'll see how the new equipment handles the dirt, and if Subwoofer Fuhr's tired, older 2009 model can keep pace. Also sporting a new car is Gage Pastorelli, who made the switch a couple weeks ago.

Lastly, the TROO series has been an interesting one this season. As with all figure eight racing things can get a little bit dicey and a few unexpected things can happen. One story that really was a fun one this season was Gage Pastorelli's lone win (so far!) Pastorelli in the past has suffered a lot of heartbreaking losses in the TROO series, and at Dirtfield Raceway in general (he's cleaned up house in our Thursday night Pavement season, bagging a pair of Late Model Sportsman championships and more) but a few races ago, he kept his nose cleaner than anyone else on the race track, dodging an untold amount of wrecks, and delivering his usual patient and and methodical pace, Pastorelli found himself in victory lane.

Last season's TROO champ, Caz Freschi is still on the rebound from his opening night power steering failure. So far he's bagged some seriously good finishes as have the dynamic duo of Ryde Thor and Zaria Falconer. This TROO series has proven to be even more exciting than the dirt modifieds. I'm definitely wanting to see who comes out on top of this one.

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