The stage is set, the lights are on, and we're ready to start up our new points season! May 2nd is the date to look for!

We've got a few MAJOR changes that we'll be implementing this season. For one , we're moving to a three car class system. What does this means? It means you'll see the same three types of cars EVERY WEEK during the season on Dirtfield Races! This means more instant action, more fast paced thrills, and a ton less confusion.

Each week the PURE STOCKS, DIRT MODIFIEDS, and TROO SERIES will be racing on not only the high banks of Dirtfield Raceway, but a brand new track that has yet to be revealed. That's right, TWO TRACKS on alternating weeks!!!

The Digital World Racing League has been in a period of transition for some time now, and it's finally to show the fruits of our labor. This is going to be one exciting season, and I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

HOWEVER... what's going on the week before May 2nd you ask? Well, we've invited some friends to play. The TERS and the 1up Racing Series' Country Stocks will both be joining us this Sunday.

The TERS (Thor Engineering Race Series) just wrapped up it's 2nd season not long ago, and it was a wild one. Sporting two classes of close, competitive racing, the TERS is owned and operated by DWRL Championship driver Ryde Thor.

Ryde brings both his Mini Stocks and Modifieds to the table this Sunday. The Mini Stocks are a blast, and great for new drivers. The cars are slow enough for anyone trying racing out for the first time, but difficult enough to drive that the races always end up being pretty dicey and fun.

The Modifieds in TERS are rocket-fast, not unlike the DWRL'S Sprint Cars, and Super Late Models. What does this mean? Only the best and fastest drivers around are going to be able to hang tough in this one. It's going to be ugly.

As for the 1up Series, Caz Freschi has built a stock car reminiscent of early 90's NASCAR, and has given it such a competitive script that the series has absolutely exploded in popularity in it's first season.

So far, these cars have proven to be fun on their touring schedule, and have visited a lot of tracks, sporting huge fields, and several different winners. We're looking forwards to having them out to play with us this Sunday in an exhibition event. Might we see a new winner? You can bet on it!

See you this Sunday the 25th for Exhibition night! Don't be late!

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