We're now four weeks into our summer racing season here in the D.W.R.L (Digital World Racing League) and we've got a few Treets (see what I did there?) in store for longtime fans, and newcomers to our show alike.

One fact I like to harp on this season is the fact that we've been visiting multiple venues this season. No longer are we at the Dirtfield Raceway alone, we've now expanded our racing frontiers, and are visiting another track, the newly built Truman Forest Raceway on the SPEEDWAY sim. Well, we've just expanded again..!

I'm going to have a little more time to harp on that, as our track building team, (Zaria Falconer, Toby Rainbow and Caz Freschi) has been hard at work on a new track, the Claybowl Raceway. Claybowl is the most unique track on the D.W.R.L. All Pro Dirt Series (that'd be the Pure Stocks, Dirt Mods, and TROO cars you love) schedule.

Claybowl sports a flat surface, a unique inside berm system, and most interestingly, is built entirely indoors. Hopefully with all the thundering engines, Caz and I won't go deaf in the announcer's booth. (Protip: I probably already am.) We'll be visiting Claybowl the week after this next race , which is going to be at TFR.

With three tracks on the schedule, racing is really going to be a lot more advanced now, and I for one think that we're all going to have a heck of a lot more fun for it.

See you at the track! And remember... a pure stock is only 150L$, you can be on TV, too!

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