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Season 6 weekend 6Season 6 weekend 6

Snail Championship in Season 6Snail Championship in Season 6

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nice races again!

cool weekend of races!
we was waiting to see a great final race and really was a great great final race. The first surprise was Bloodsong, who pass directly to final race with a great second position in qualification race.
Then in final race we had a really cool race. Tindy won clearly and now she is the first position in the season with 10 points over Gareth, who had a bad day and only was six place in the final.
Really great race of Bloodsong and gollum, both of them was fighting till last meters, finally Bloodsong was second place really close with gollum in third place. Baldi keep the third position of the season with his four position but now he must be careful, Bloodsong and gollum going to fight to get this third position.
We had 1 new snail, Saura Parx. Good done you all snails!

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great races!

yesterday snails races was great, big surprise of the day Link Dembo, new snail coming in third place in the final race. Too we had a great fight in final race between Tindy and Gareth, trying get the first position, finally Gareth won but in a really close race, crossing goal togueter, very cool.
With second position in final Tindy still keep the first position of this season, when rest three weekends to finish it.
3 new snails yesterday, Link Dembo, angell Eternal and Kiki Mureaux. Good done snails!

Next sunday we will have a great fight again by first position of the season between Gareth (24p) and Tindy (26p), Baldi still have a chance to get this first position (16). Four snails are fighting by four position too (6p) and Snurky (5p) just one point less in this fight to get four position, so five snails in this fight, good luck you all!

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Finally the championship is

Finally the championship is going to have 7 seasons because we need room weekends to RFL snail cups... (we still have 1 day 17 jul) the Skybeam snail cups... (we still have 1 not sure when) and the new Chilbo snail cup this next weekend day 10 jul. Go snails!

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wow! next weekend is going to

wow! next weekend is going to be really interesting day of races! who will win the season finally?

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Never seen it so close!

I don't think I've ever seen such a close finish to the season! Five races with five different winners, too :)

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yay Indy! you doing pretty

yay Indy! you doing pretty nice! go for it!

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YAY!!! It was my 1st complete


It was my 1st complete season :D

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That was nice season, good one wok, this season you was racing in all final races, that is great and really hard to make it!
Congrats you too Gareth and all snails! nice races!

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Nice one, wok :)

Nice one, wok :)

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Great Idea

Hey Wae, it's a great idea to post the leaderboard before the show! I think I will continue trying putting some leaderboard info up front when I introduce the show tomorrow.