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Snail Championship in Season 6Snail Championship in Season 6

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hi, during last season we was trying to make teams and see how works... seems like can works good but this next season is going to be really a lot of new stuff.. maybe new track again and first races of RFL... so we are going to wait next season to start to make teams of snails.

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We love people watching races at the track in live and we always trying they can enjoy really good the races. ty all for support and all the fun! ty!

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Lets try this experiment, you saw last show of giant snails races? what was your favourite funny moment of whole show? max time around 1 minute.
soon we will choose from here to show it there. All people around the world can choose a favourite moment so all welcome and have fun


Steampunk show
8 min 30 sec TO 8 min 56 sec

nice shot snails going trought maze. baldi get first there but in spring tindy go really great and pass again baldi.