The Follow, one of the most popular rock bands in SL, will be joining Matt Ryan on stage at Daily PWN studios in Northpoint. The interview will cover a range of topics spanning from the technology used to deliver the band's sound to a live audience in a virtual world, how playing in a virtual world has impacted their popularity and what fans can look for in the future.

You can join us to see the interview live on Thursday 9.9.2010 at Daily PWN studios on Northpoint Treet Island.

It has been a great first season for The Daily PWN Weekly Review. The show with the odd name has gone through so many changes since episode 1. Our final show of the season has arrived and can be found here.

One big thing that makes this show exciting to work on is that it is the first show on Treet produced entirely independently. It started as an experiment to see how this form of third-party production would work and so far, things have been pretty fantastic.

August Lusch stepped in around episode 3 and built a brilliant set, we switched from iMovie to Adobe Premiere as an editing platform, and production processes evolved many times over. Thankfully, all of these changes were for the better.

In the second season music is being provided by SL musician Jax Streeter, a professional artist is assisting with giving the show a much better graphics set and live in-world and real-world events are going to be covered.

Thank you goes out to everyone that helped make this first season possible. Thank you to everyone that joined us for interviews, pitched in to help create content and find an audience to our little show about gaming. On behalf of everyone on the crew, thank you.

This week we review Plain Sight for the PC featuring multiplayer combat between suicidal ninja robots. We also take a look at a trailer for Chaos Rings, an RPG made especially for the iPhone OS and enjoy a conversation with the host of 1st Question on the Treet TV network. Please send in your answer to the question of the week: What is your favorite NES game?

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In this episode of the Daily PWN Weekly Review, we discuss business in virtual worlds with Dusan Writer, the CEO of Remedy Communications and owner of Metanomics on We also take a look at an old multiplayer game that has managed to thrive for over twenty-five years. Trade Wars dominated the world of BBS games and lives on through telnet and other adaptations. All this and more in this exciting edition of The Daily PWN Weekly Review.

This quick edition of The Daily PWN focuses on a new release for the PC called 2XL Supercross. How does this racing game stack up? Is it worth the price of admission? Find out on The Daily PWN.

I'm very excited to announce the newest edition of The Daily PWN is up on the site.

This week we take a look at Trine, MUDs and Star Trek: Online. Have you ever wondered what the first massively multiplayer online games were? Have you wondered how the new Star Trek Online game plays? Which platform puzzle game has the best value on the market today? Let Matt Ryan answer these questions and more on this edition of The Daily PWN Weekly Review.

Star Trek Online has launched and we have a hands-on experience with this stunning new release from Cryptic Studios and Atari. We take you back in time to the days of MUDs and explore what has kept them active over 30 years since their initial release in to the world. All this and more in the next episode of The Daily PWN Weekly Review.

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I must admit... My time beta testing Star Trek Online was quite fun. Also... I must admit I do miss the days of MUDs. Go faerun!

The New site is here! After much anticipation the new Treet.TV site is finally launched. Wiz Nordberg and Texas Timtam have been hidden away in an undisclosed location for the vast majority of the last year in order to create what we hope will be a giant leap forward in representing our brand and connecting with our audience.

Thanks to this website, we can communicate directly with you the viewers and find out exactly what you would and wouldn't like to see on the shows. You have a voice, a presence and the ability to speak and be heard.

I'm Zen Paine and I'm here to help in any way that I can with the site and your experience in general, please do not hesitate to contact me in world or on here for anything.

Welcome and enjoy,

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Great site!

Excellent work. I look forward to the future with My SL wouldn't be the same with out it. Keep it up. : )

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Thanks for the kind words

Thanks for the kind words AnimaDannata! I still feel like we have a long way to go... getting the word out, plus making sure everybody knows how to do things, but we are the patient types and it is wonderful to hear you like what you see!