It has been a great first season for The Daily PWN Weekly Review. The show with the odd name has gone through so many changes since episode 1. Our final show of the season has arrived and can be found here.

One big thing that makes this show exciting to work on is that it is the first show on Treet produced entirely independently. It started as an experiment to see how this form of third-party production would work and so far, things have been pretty fantastic.

August Lusch stepped in around episode 3 and built a brilliant set, we switched from iMovie to Adobe Premiere as an editing platform, and production processes evolved many times over. Thankfully, all of these changes were for the better.

In the second season music is being provided by SL musician Jax Streeter, a professional artist is assisting with giving the show a much better graphics set and live in-world and real-world events are going to be covered.

Thank you goes out to everyone that helped make this first season possible. Thank you to everyone that joined us for interviews, pitched in to help create content and find an audience to our little show about gaming. On behalf of everyone on the crew, thank you.

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