Designing Worlds

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The show about design and designers in Virtual Worlds. Your hosts Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin take us on tour to some of the most interesting locations and meet their creators.

Dirtfield Racing

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Recently on Dirtfield Racing:
Redwood - Round 3

If speed is what you need, join the fun with the racing teams battling for points on the Springfield Sim's number of Raceways. Your host Suku Ming and track owner Toby Rainbow make it all happen each week.

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington

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Recently on Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington:
*FIR* & *MNA*

Each week on "Fabulous Fashion", top designers are interviewed one on one with Angie to talk about their career as a Second Life fashion designer. Viewers get to see new releases and special previews from their favorite designers, and every week there is a new Guest Stylist on the show to bring you a collection of the hottest accessories that are currently out.

Giant Snail Races

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Back To School 2016

Established in 2004 by RacerX Gullwing, the Giant Snail Races are singularly silly and fun. Watch 15-meter tall avatars taking laps around the obstacles, and that's just the beginning.

Global Online Hockey Association

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Recently on Global Online Hockey Association:
Mammoth @ Moose

Sunday Night Hockey spotlights a weekly league game as teams vie for the coveted Linden Cup. In their 10th season, you'll see teams from North America and Europe on ice.

Happy Hunting

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Fall Goodies

The show for hunts and hunters on the Second Life grid. From the people that brought you Designing Worlds, Metaverse Arts, and Sail On it's Happy Hunting.

Lauren Live

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Lauren & Friends - May

She's cute. She's blond. She's a flashy dresser. Lauren Weyland does live stand-up comedy from Second Life. Get ready to LOL and ROFL.

Live N Kickin Dedicated to Delinda Dyrssen

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Recently on Live N Kickin Dedicated to Delinda Dyrssen:
Chapman Zane

Live n Kickin Producer Delinda Dyrssen. Will be greatly missed. The best music and wonderful locations. Watch original live music performances brought to you from a new showcase location in Second Life each week.

Meet An Author

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Recently on Meet An Author:
Guest Author Don Elwell

Best-selling authors talk with Adele Ward in Second Life, read excerpts from their books, and share tips with new and aspiring writers.

Metaverse Arts

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Recently on Metaverse Arts:
Steam Powered Giraffe, Destany Laval

Join your host Tricia Aferdita as she keeps up with gallery events, installations, and creative artists working in virtual spaces

MODA Fashion Spotlight

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Recently on MODA Fashion Spotlight:
MODA Returns with G Sloane

Each week the beautiful models from the MODA Modelling School take to the catwalk to show off a collection from the best designers in Second Life with styles from lingerie to casual to haute couture.

Music Academy onLive

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Recently on Music Academy onLive:
Bradley Lockerman

Music Academy OnLIVE is a weekly video podcast filmed in the virtual world of Second Life. Every week show host Benton Wunderlich talks with artists, composers, performers, and scholars who share their art and love for what they are doing.

Phoenix Firestorm Hour

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Recently on Phoenix Firestorm Hour:
Shining Project

Keep up with the latest news from the Phoenix, the most popular 3rd-party viewer on the grid. Announcements and Q&A sessions between you and the development team.

Pop Vox

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Recently on Pop Vox:

Pop Art Lab hosts Persia Bravin and Claus Uriza bring professional musicians into the virtual space to perform and chat

Shopping Showcase

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Recently on Shopping Showcase:
WaterMoon Breeze

Get to know the creators of all the great things we love to buy. Yxes Delacroix visits with owners and designers as they welcome us into their shops and venues.

The 1st Question

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Recently on The 1st Question:
The 1st Question 1 July 2012

The quiz show to the stars live from the Spindome. Hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe have all the questions each week for a special guest panel.

The Blackened Mirror

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Recently on The Blackened Mirror:
Decisions S2 Episode 6

The Blackened Mirror is a new show from – and a new type of interactive entertainment that spans virtual worlds and social media – which draws on the genres of film noir, steampunk with an added dash of classic Lovecraftian horror. We're calling it Fun Noir.

The Daily Pwn: Weekly Review

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Recently on The Daily Pwn: Weekly Review:
Stampede of Follow

Join Matt Ryan (Zen Paine in SL) for a weekly round-up of new games and tech insights.

The Grid's Honest Truth

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Recently on The Grid's Honest Truth:
High Five for SL

SecondLie calls 'em like he sees 'em for Mr & Mrs Avatar living on the grid. Take a funny look at the latest news and dramas happening in Second Life with Twitter fanatic @SecondLie

The Stream Scene

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Recently on The Stream Scene:
Season Finale

Music magazine show about virtual artists in virtual worlds. Twstd Heart Productions brings you the latest in VW music performance and interviews on the Stream Scene.

Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe

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Recently on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe:
Richard Meiklejohn, AM Quar, Michael Stackpole

Always entertaining and lively, it's the weekly talk-show in and about Second Life with Paisley. Keep up with the latest topics and enjoy a music performance too - every Sunday evening at 6pm.

Treet Specials

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Recently on Treet Specials:
Interview with Oz Linden

Special events

VSN Simboarding

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Recently on VSN Simboarding:
Extra Challenging

How do they do it? A cross between skateboarding and surfing, these urban athletes compete for points on the Pro Half-Pipe and free-form skate park. Hosted by Cyphian Heart, join the fun on Sundays.

Enjoy these archived shows...

SailOn with MarkTwain White

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Recently on SailOn with MarkTwain White:
Sail On Series Finale

Sail On was the weekly show covering all the action live from the Sunday sailing regatta in the United Sailing Sims of Second Life. Hosted by MarkTwain White with co-hosts Aisling Keynes and a range of featured guests.

That S'Life

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Recently on That S'Life:
That S'Life :: 27Oct08

That S'Life was the very first regular show produced on this network (formerly known as SLCN.TV). The show was initially hosted by Starr Sonic who was superceded by the ever charming and fun duckyfresh Watanabe. The show was a guide to what to see and do in Second Life.