The quiz show to the stars! The 1st Question is a fast-paced, fact-based (mostly) science-themed quiz show featuring illustrious panelists and the best audience in the universe. 

Hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe take you on a hilariously fun hour with questions, quotes, yays, nays and much more.

After the show opens with the daring heroics of the tinies Emmo Wei and Kat2 Kit, we meet the panel and find out what element of the periodic table they identify with and why. The quiz begins with the Yay Me or Yay Me true or false questions. Hydra gets put on the spot with the Nuggets of Knowledge where panelists try and stump the wolf. The ever inventive Word Up segment keeps filling the Pookypedia and the show is finished up with Avataro y Avataro, panelists against each other.

When: Tuesday 7:00PM SLT

You can contact The 1st Question at:

Further information:
Production team credits:
        Host/Hosts:    Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe
        Producer:         Pooky Amsterdam
        Director:          Petlove Petshop
        Writer:              Pooky Amsterdam
Stage Manager:  Robwag Soothsayer

        Special Mention (Name/Title):

        Kat2 Kit / 1st Mascot
        Emmo Wei / 1st  Daredevil
        Edsel Heinkel /  Musical Director