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The Quiz Show To The Stars rocks summer out with Champions!! Watch as this week's best of the best match wits with the guest panelist Howdy Colter, Beth Odets and MarkTwain White

Episode 141 Broadcast 1 July 2012

Go to The 1st Question 24 June 2012

Episode 140 Broadcast 24 June 2012

Live from the SL9B celebrations, it's the quiz show with a community twist. Join Pooky and Hydra as they welcome the guest panel Beau Hindman of, Saffia Widdershins of allthings PrimPerfect and David Abbot of The Eqyptian Hunt

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Episode 139 Broadcast 3 June 2012

The championship continues with with more fun with the quiz show in the stars. The panelsts are Valiant Westland, Melody Regent and Geenz Spad.

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Episode 138 Broadcast 6 May 2012

The quiz show in the stars you don't want to miss. This is the Championship series with guest panelists Ren Stonecutter, Thynka Little and Tessa Harrington. Watch to see who gains the most points and closer to being The Champ.

Go to The 1st Question 16 March 2012

Episode 137 Broadcast 16 March 2012

Superstar educators of the grid special edition - recorded live from the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference. Join hosts Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe as they welcome LoriVonne Lustre, Spiff Whitfield and Roxie Neiro to the best science and tech quiz show around.

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Episode 136 Broadcast 4 March 2012

The fast-paced tech & science quiz show will keep you laughing and thinking. Join host Pooky Amsterdam for another great installment! The guest panel is Harper Beresford, GreenLantern Excelsior, and Barbara Collazo

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Episode 135 Broadcast 3 February 2012

Special super duper celebrity show with StupidFunWill, Widget Whiteberry, and Alem Theas. Hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe run the lighting fast quiz for points, glory and fun.

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The nominations for the annual Avi Choice Awards are now out - and open for voting.

Avi Choice Awards posterAvi Choice Awards poster

We're delighted that four shows have been nominated - The First Question, Designing Worlds and Happy Hunting! for Favorite TV Show - and Giant Snail Races (last year's winner!) for Favorite Sporting Event
Many of the people who have appeared on these shows over the years are also nominated for awards in one or more of the four categories (you'll find the TV show category in Entertainment and Giant Snail Races in Miscellaneous!).

There's plenty of choice - so make sure to add your vote!

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Special Friday Edition that will bring back broadcast live to The 1st Question -

February 3rd at 4:30PM PST Broadcasting Live from The Studiodome

StupidFunWill / Widget Whiteberry / Alem Theas

Please tune into when we have special guests -
Overflow Location:
Open seating available with chat bridge and full audience participation at this site-

Designing Worlds

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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A great show with as usual a great opening by the terrific tinies in residence – Kat2 Kit & Emmo. Always astounding, we can’t start the show without them, and they may be tiny but when they take over center stage with full stops & whistles, you know they pack a wallop! The panelists were very distinguished with some great grid players in our midst.

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Pooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNPooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNIt's always strange talking about a show that's pre-recorded but that's not going to stop me.

Pooky Amsterdam is such a wonderful person, and this interview was shot before the Paisley interview that aired last week. This was actually my first time shooting stuff that would be on The Daily PWN.

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BEST Of Second Life March IssueBEST Of Second Life March IssueThe Best Of Second Life has a great story on The 1st Question this month, Please go to page 251 – 3 pages on the Show!

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Yes sometimes the names of the panelists are enough to make the title of the show, not always but this week so much of all they represented encapsulates the theme of the hour. Of course Word-Up ddi get in there and we were laughing very hard throughout the proceedings. Oh where else can you get science, fun, laughs and the latest in green technology? The 1st Question!

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Emmo took new leaps of faith while Kat2 cheered him on for the opener this wek which brought some real life media people into the dome. Think that the word is spreading that Second Life is a bona fide platform upon which to launch. Well Emmo certainly did . The show was chock full of brilliant moments and scientific revelations as we used this Avatar based 3D environment to have a heck of a show!

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This week we had a remarkable show and panel who are all involved with understanding how the dots which represent us can live, work, learn, train and be accounted for in our Second Life. We are each an incredible culmination of so much, wisdom, heart, fun, art, science and text. How, where, and how we put ourselves to good use is part of what makes us even more interesting as a whole. That we are all incredible individuals means a great deal. In each of us is worth, singularly we make up that one green dot on the grid, and together we make up so much more. A way of light, perhaps.

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Griducation is when you get educated on this greater grid we know such as Second life. And education is one of the jewels in the Crown of Second Life. One we are very proud of as many of the best educators and visionaries have passed through our StudioDome. However before we got into the show Emmo Wei our daredevil Koala was shot from a catapult and went 4000 meters overboard. We hope he is finished flying in time for next week.


This is an open call for Question ideas or information- please let me know any topic you want covered and I will fit in something for the show and credit you with the inspiration on air!
Even a YAY me or NAY me!!!!!!!


YAY Pookie!~ all my questions/subjects you would know I think but I will try one and see...What is the main ingredient of white food coloring?


I believe it is titanium dioxide and it is a marvelous substance. I used to have a cookie business actually - and used a LOT of white food coloring! Really was a fantastic base for the images as it made the pictures very opaque! Thank you - I will use this for the Yay me or Nay me on the next show. And send you a gift!

The quiz show to the stars! The 1st Question is a fast-paced, fact-based (mostly) science-themed quiz show featuring illustrious panelists and the best audience in the universe. 

Hosts Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe take you on a hilariously fun hour with questions, quotes, yays, nays and much more.

After the show opens with the daring heroics of the tinies Emmo Wei and Kat2 Kit, we meet the panel and find out what element of the periodic table they identify with and why. The quiz begins with the Yay Me or Yay Me true or false questions. Hydra gets put on the spot with the Nuggets of Knowledge where panelists try and stump the wolf. The ever inventive Word Up segment keeps filling the Pookypedia and the show is finished up with Avataro y Avataro, panelists against each other.

When: Tuesday 7:00PM SLT

You can contact The 1st Question at:

Further information:
Production team credits:
        Host/Hosts:    Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe
        Producer:         Pooky Amsterdam
        Director:          Petlove Petshop
        Writer:              Pooky Amsterdam
Stage Manager:  Robwag Soothsayer

        Special Mention (Name/Title):

        Kat2 Kit / 1st Mascot
        Emmo Wei / 1st  Daredevil
        Edsel Heinkel /  Musical Director