Clips Listing for Lauren Live
Go to EvaMoon Ember

EvaMoon Ember is not only a great singer, but tells some very funny jokes. She takes the stage at Lauren's Place

Go to Pooky Amsterdam

Pooky Amsterdam doing stand-up?! You bet and you will love it.

Go to Bubblepop Unplugged

Bubblepop Unplugged - don't let his style fool you. A very funny guy at Lauren's Place

Go to Doc Grun

Doc Grun takes the stage at Lauren's Place

Go to Catfish String

Catfish String does his bit at Lauren's Place

Go to The Stance Once More

Still funny - if you've missed this one before, sit back and laugh as Lauren explains why it takes so long when going to the ladies room after the movies

Go to Romance Book

Who would think that writing a book would be like having a relationship? Watch and laugh as Lauren falls in and out of love with the project.

Go to Weddings and Bunnies

Lauren tells some very funny stories about our Second Lives so don't miss this new installment from the cute blond with the deep voice