Episode Listing for The Blackened Mirror
Go to Decisions S2 Episode 6

Episode 12 Broadcast 9 February 2014

Harland and friends get an escort to a visitor center

Go to No More Angels S2 Episode 5

Episode 11 Broadcast 2 February 2014

Will Harland take a trip to the mortuary?

Go to Missing You S2 Episode 4

Episode 10 Broadcast 26 January 2014

It's a mad mod world for Harland Quinn at every turn

Go to Catching Up S2 Episode 3

Episode 9 Broadcast 15 December 2013

See what happens next... Will a familiar refuge provide a safe haven - or just another shock?

Go to Old Friends S2 Episode 2

Episode 8 Broadcast 8 December 2013

The Asylum has its secrets. Will Quinn be able to uncover the mystery?

Go to Reversals of Fortune S2 Episode 1

Episode 7 Broadcast 1 December 2013

Season 2 of The Blackened Mirror - Reversals of Fortune begins in a padded cell for someone. Who will it be? Stay tuned...

Go to Episode Six: Bad Blood

Episode 6 Broadcast 14 December 2012

Dark and foggy nights lead our friends into mystery and danger for the Season 1 shocker

Go to Episode Five: Homecoming

Episode 5 Broadcast 16 November 2012

Harland returns to Seraph City but can he walk away from Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins? Harland Quinn, Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins have returned (rather unexpectedly) to Harland’s home location – Seraph City. Alais is grieving the loss of her mentor – while Quinn has plans of his opwn. Are their enemies still in pursuit? Some shocking discoveries are waiting for them in the dark City of Angels …