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Episode 19 Broadcast 21 September 2010

In this week's episode, we review Magic the Gathering's new Stampede of Beasts deck and sit down for a talk with popular rock band, The Follow. More information about The Follow: http://www.thefollow.com More information about Stampede of Beasts: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/09/16/mtg-stampede-of-beasts-review/ The Follow has been on Live N Kicken twice. Most recently they helped us celebrate our first annual Treet TV Expo on 12 September 2010. See that show here: http://treet.tv/shows/livekick/episodes/follow and then watch an earlier show on November 10 2009 from Alchemy Imortalis sim here: http://treet.tv/shows/livekick/episodes/ep011 So check out their World Tour in a Day this weekend.

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Episode 18 Broadcast 9 September 2010

In this exciting episode, we take a look at the new DLC for Dragon Age called Witch Hunt, Shattered Horizon premium edition, wager matches in Call of Duty: Black Ops and more. For more information about the Daily PWN: http://www.dailypwn.com For more information about Shattered Horizon Premium Edition: http://www.shatteredhorizon.com/ For more information about CoD: Black Ops: http://callofduty.com/

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Episode 17 Broadcast 30 August 2010

It's the end of the first season and Matt Ryan is joined by August Lusch as they discuss Neverwinter in 2011, Call of Duty: Black Ops dedicated servers, the necromancer profession in Guild Wars 2, Hyperballoid HD, and more. For more information about Guild Wars 2 necromancers: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/08/26/guild-wars-2-necromancer-revealed/ For more information about Hyperballoid HD: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/05/22/hyperballoid-hd-for-the-ps3/ For more information about Call of Duty Black Ops: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/08/24/call-of-duty-black-ops-to-be-dedicate... For more information about Neverwinter in 2011: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/08/26/guild-wars-2-necromancer-revealed/

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Episode 16 Broadcast 27 July 2010

In this episode we discuss the launch of StarCraft II, virtual worlds and their impact on Relay for Life, Crosswords for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and a news blitz. Topics Covered: Crosswords: http://www.standalone.com/iphone/crosswords/ Second Life: http://www.secondlife.com Relay for Life: http://www.relayforlife.org/secondlife Green Lantern Game: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/07/22/comic-con-2010-warner-working-on-gree... Violent Video Games: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/07/23/violent-video-games-could-help-save-l...

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Episode 15 Broadcast 19 July 2010

In this special episode, Matt Ryan has a sit-down with one of the Treet.TV founders, Wiz Nordberg. They discuss mobile gaming, virtual worlds and the future of controllers. Games Covered: Crosswords - http://www.standalone.com/iphone/crosswords/ Plain Sight - http://www.plainsightgame.com/ Strategery - http://strategerygame.com/ Second Life - http://secondlife.com/ Pocket Metaverse - http://www.pocketmetaverse.com/ For more information about Wiz Nordberg and Treet visit: http://treet.tv

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Episode 14 Broadcast 13 July 2010

Beyond Black Mesa is a live-action short film being produced on a budget under $1,300. The teaser is out and it looks like this will be a fantastic independent film based on the Half Life story. For more information visit beyondblackmesa.com. Hawx 2 has been announced and we have the trailer. More realistic flight and extra features are all highlighted by Ubisoft as this flight combat game readies for release. For more information visit hawx2.com. LeBron James has picked Miami as his new team and screenshots featuring him in his new attire are already coming out of the NBA 2k11 development team. Blizzard has had a tremendously negative response from players regarding a decision to force real names out in the open on the Blizzard forums. This move, aimed at combating the negative troll-rich environment was unpopular as player concerns over privacy and employment checks took center stage. Guild Wars 2 art is quickly coming out and more details about how the long-anticipated sequel will handle death and healing are now available.

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Episode 13 Broadcast 28 June 2010

In this episode, we discuss Magic the Gathering, community in Xbox Live and League of Legends with guest host Jaxson from Gemanite55.com and our weekly news blitz. For more information on Magic: The Gathering: http://www.wizards.com/magic/ For more information about Gemanite55: http://gemanite55.com For more information about Xbox Live: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/live For more information about League of Legends: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/ News stories featured in the news blitz: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/06/18/need-for-speed-hot-pursuit-demo-at-e3/ http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/06/24/pr-ea-wages-war-on-xbox-live-arcade-w... http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/06/20/press-release-4story-has-32-nation-wo...

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Episode 12 Broadcast 9 June 2010

In this episode Matt Ryan has the tips you need to train your Eve Online character, a review of the SpaceNavigator and this week's new releases. More information about the Eve Online skill training tips: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/06/02/eve-online-skill-training-tips/ More information about the SpaceNavigator review: http://www.dailypwn.com/2010/06/05/3dconnexion-spacenavigator-review/