In this special episode, Matt Ryan has a sit-down with one of the Treet.TV founders, Wiz Nordberg. They discuss mobile gaming, virtual worlds and the future of controllers.

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For more information about Wiz Nordberg and Treet visit:

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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The Follow, one of the most popular rock bands in SL, will be joining Matt Ryan on stage at Daily PWN studios in Northpoint. The interview will cover a range of topics spanning from the technology used to deliver the band's sound to a live audience in a virtual world, how playing in a virtual world has impacted their popularity and what fans can look for in the future.

You can join us to see the interview live on Thursday 9.9.2010 at Daily PWN studios on Northpoint Treet Island.

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It has been a great first season for The Daily PWN Weekly Review. The show with the odd name has gone through so many changes since episode 1. Our final show of the season has arrived and can be found here.

One big thing that makes this show exciting to work on is that it is the first show on Treet produced entirely independently. It started as an experiment to see how this form of third-party production would work and so far, things have been pretty fantastic.

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Jack Belvedere @ The Daily PWN: Jack Belvedere post interview at The Daily PWNJack Belvedere @ The Daily PWN: Jack Belvedere post interview at The Daily PWN All right, Mr Belvedere. This interview was an interesting one to get, I've been associated with GOHA since it was in Season 2 and I've done a lot of work with them, captaining a side in the 3rd Season, Commissionaire of The Euro League in the 5th Season, Designer of Hockey Jerseys for both the Euro League and an All Star event. I've known Jack longer than 90% of my friends lists. He was best man at my wedding and he's an awesome guy.

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In this weeks exciting enthralling and quite literally brilliant episode of The Daily PWN, Matt discusses StarCraft 2, Little Big Planet 2 and much much more too!

Ok this episode I didn't do much for, there are no "Auggie Cam's" I did not write the script (though I did get Matt to change a few words and laughed at him when he flubbed lines).

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Pooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNPooky Amsterdam @ The Daily PWNIt's always strange talking about a show that's pre-recorded but that's not going to stop me.

Pooky Amsterdam is such a wonderful person, and this interview was shot before the Paisley interview that aired last week. This was actually my first time shooting stuff that would be on The Daily PWN.

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This week we review Plain Sight for the PC featuring multiplayer combat between suicidal ninja robots. We also take a look at a trailer for Chaos Rings, an RPG made especially for the iPhone OS and enjoy a conversation with the host of 1st Question on the Treet TV network. Please send in your answer to the question of the week: What is your favorite NES game?

More Here:

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The Daily PWN SetThe Daily PWN Set

Sure the M's keep rolling in (was it a slight nod to Pooky having M Linden on The 1st Question a couple of weeks ago? Who knows).

This was the first episode of the show that I was directly involved in and featured the finished (for now) version of the new set. How does it play? Well the set I believe looks dynamic while not being too overwhelming and the content was interesting before my involvement I just think it's more accessible now.

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In this episode of the Daily PWN Weekly Review, we discuss business in virtual worlds with Dusan Writer, the CEO of Remedy Communications and owner of Metanomics on We also take a look at an old multiplayer game that has managed to thrive for over twenty-five years. Trade Wars dominated the world of BBS games and lives on through telnet and other adaptations. All this and more in this exciting edition of The Daily PWN Weekly Review.

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I'm very excited to announce the newest edition of The Daily PWN is up on the site.

This week we take a look at Trine, MUDs and Star Trek: Online. Have you ever wondered what the first massively multiplayer online games were? Have you wondered how the new Star Trek Online game plays? Which platform puzzle game has the best value on the market today? Let Matt Ryan answer these questions and more on this edition of The Daily PWN Weekly Review.

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Here is where you can give your answer to the question of the week. What is your favorite NES game?


In this episode we talk about a yearly event in the World of Warcraft called NobleGarden where you can hunt colorful eggs across several villages in the world. This event is a fun and rewarding experience for players.

Saw II is coming out soon and we have the newly-released trailer.

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Ok Matt/Zen,

I do like the show and I can't fault you on the message of the later segment of Episode 4; although the juxtaposition of a trailer for the torture game Saw II following into a "serious message about violence in FPS" felt a little odd to me. I do agree with all you've said and looking at some of the footage shown is quite sickening.

Your presenting style is good and you're getting a lot of your information out in a relaxed and easy to understand way, even with things I have no real interest in. So you're keeping an audience (even if it is just me) informed and more importantly coming back to watch episodes.

There is a little style problem in my honest opinion, I'm not overly keen on the Brick Wall backdrop behind your Avatar. I think it's frankly dull and static, even with the logo now behind you (though I prefer the Medium shot that you have of Zen now rather than the further away shots you had earlier). A different backdrop would help, this is a programme about Tech and Games...and it looks like you're broadcasting from a just feels a little off.

As I said, I like the logo in the background, but I also think you could have video running there or images that move to create a little more of a dynamic and interesting screen, think The Daily Show with John Stewart. Though obviously not as funny.

Zen's AO sit bugs me a little, but that's a personal preference, I figure you're going for the "relaxed cool look" but it comes off a little too forced and sometimes a little too effeminate for what you're actually saying. Sure I know AO's and speech in Second Life are not an exact science, but I think you could look at something a little more engaging.

Other than those admittedly cosmetic issues, I'm liking the show so far and have checked out your website because of it.



Thank you for the comments. Zen got a makeover yesterday with a new shape/skin and I'm looking in to an AO for television.

As for the background, I was looking for something kind of like Tekzilla on Revision 3

What I really need is a good designer to make a set that flows better. Great advice mate, thank you.


Howdy everyone. The new Daily PWN is posted and we'd like your feedback. What do you think of the overall show? Are there topics you want to see more? Are there topics you haven't seen discussed that you would like to have added to the weekly program?

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I would like to see more on Giant Snail Racing please.


We need to do that make-up interview. More snail racing is a must! Let's schedule it. email me at


Simboarding! I know a few people along with myself that wouldent mind appearing on your show for an interview/questions!

Onlive gaming! A soon to come service that is going to revolutionize the way gamings done, a must see for any gamer.

Need for speed world! Not out yet but there's some information out there, you could talk about the up and coming free mmo racing game with a ridiculous amount of customization.

Kirstens viewer! Maybe not your exact genre for show content but a viewer for second life with dynamic shadows that really adds a new layer to second life, with the addition of this, some extra frames squeezed out of the viewer, the adaptation of a more complex physics engine and the customization of simulator sizes could make second life a viable game creation platform!

General gaming tips! nesteggs like nvidia's digital vibrance, using the -heapsize command in a shortcut, recording videos with WeGame, Overclocking for dummy's, leetspeek terminology's .. call it the tip of the day lol!

Just some idea's, I like the concept of your show! I can foresee virtual avatars being used in the creation of news media at an increased rate as the future arises! .. not that im psychic but id bank on it.


Another game you may like to try is Battlefield: Bad Company 2... i pre-ordered it and for myself it out ranks Modern Warfare 2 for best fps of the year. Could compare and contrast on them to say which one is better in different categories such as; graphics, gameplay, connecting with friends, etc.... Just a thought tho.


Thank you for the suggestion. I'll see if I can snag a copy to review.


Let's schedule it. Please email me at