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Episode 313 Broadcast 25 July 2016

The Designing Worlds team pick some of their favourite clips and a fun look back at this season highlights. Join us at the SL13B cafe

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Episode 312 Broadcast 18 July 2016

Even more from SL13B celebration - this time looking at the public builds and creators.

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Episode 311 Broadcast 11 July 2016

Known to residents as SL13B, your hosts Saffia & Elrik take you on a tour of the Second Life's biggest birthday celebration of resident builds.

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Episode 310 Broadcast 27 June 2016

Join Designing Worlds hosts Elrik and Saffia on a visit the beautiful island of Rocca Sorrentina, an imagining of a late eighteenth century island in the Bay of Naples

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Episode 309 Broadcast 20 June 2016

Join us for a tour of Ian and Amy’s Amusement Park, a three region amusement park designed for all the family. We’ll be joined by the owners of the Park – Amy Tuppakaka and Ian Bleac – who will be showing us around and telling us about how the Park has developed. And we’ll be going on lots of rides. Lots and lots of amazing rides!

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Episode 308 Broadcast 13 June 2016

In this episode, meet Linden Bento team Oz, Troy and Vir as they talk about the exciting project. Bento adds a wealth of attachment points to avatars that can also be animated. But more – it’s about extra bones to the entire skeleton. This gives the possibility for anything from a single ironically raised eyebrows to an amazingly flexible wyvern to ride.

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Episode 307 Broadcast 6 June 2016

Hosts Saffia & Elrik visit the redesigned region of Horizon Dreams to explore the beauties of The Looking Glass, created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azale

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Episode 306 Broadcast 30 May 2016

Are you a new user of Second Life? Or, do you remember what it was like the first time you tried out that brand new avatar? Learn what is happening today to help new users learn the basics before setting off to discover the SL world.