Designing Worlds, formerly Meta Makeover, is a weekly show exploring some of the most impressive designs and creativity in Second Life and beyond.

Hosts Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin aren’t afraid of delving deep into the environments featured on the show. They have investigated mysterious noises on Victorian era sim, New Babbage, walked through the battlefield trenches of the Western Front and attended a Thanksgiving dinner party.

The show addresses issues affecting design and designers working in the virtual environment, such as intellectual property. There are also insights into the latest design techniques, with “how-to” features for budding designers and builders.

On every show, you’ll meet some of the top builders, creators and designers in today’s virtual worlds – and you’re guaranteed a wealth of new ideas, products and venues.

The show is produced by Prim Perfect Productions, publishers of Prim Perfect magazine.

When: Tuesday 2:00PM SLT

Further information:
Twitter:  @designingworlds