Dirtfield Races are brought to you by the crew at D.W.R.L. (Digital World Racing League) run by Suku Ming and Toby Rainbow.

The Digital World Racing League first started in SL in 2006, and has been going strong since. Although we started small, we now hold races 3 days a week in over 10 different types of race car on multiple tracks based on real life local track racing. Sound fun? Come join us on the "Otway" region!

Factoid: The races originally started out in Second Life at the now departed block of sims owned by Pontiac. Prior to their current economic woes Pontiac fostered a large community of car culture residents in Second Life, most of which are now scattered round the grid.

When: Sunday 4:00PM SLT
Where: Otway Raceway Park - Local Track, Otway (19, 248, 23)

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