Episode Listing for Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington
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Episode 62 Broadcast 26 July 2010

This fun show brings men's designer Rob1977 Moonites for a visit with host Angie Mornington where he shows off some of the latest looks. Then join Jennaa Loire for a segment all about home decoration & furniture for your special Second Life house.

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Episode 61 Broadcast 19 July 2010

Your host Angie Mornington spends some time with designer AtomicSparkle Skytower of Swansong and they show off some of her favorite outfits. Then a stand up stand in sits in for the accessories segment - welcome Lauren Weyland!

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Episode 60 Broadcast 12 July 2010

Angie is back with a new look! Welcome to Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau Designs with a visit and preview of some of her favorite outfits. Then take a look at some new accessories with Jennaa Loire. Note: There are some audio issues on the 1st segment (sorry!

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Episode 59 Broadcast 26 April 2010

Angie talks with Kouse Singh about her beautiful gowns and outfits for Second Life fantasy fairies, elves, and other fun role playing communities. Then welcome back Kay Fairey to take a look at casual jewelry.

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Episode 58 Broadcast 19 April 2010

Aranel creates sexy fun clothing for men and women and she is known for adding playful touches to her work. The BOOM mainstore is a fantastic build that you must visit and explore. Brand new Guest Stylist Arcadia Nightfire is the Co-Owner of MDR Photo Studios and a fabulous Fashion Blogger. She will be on hand to show you a great assortment of her favorite accessories.

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Episode 57 Broadcast 12 April 2010

Fabulous Fashion celebrates the Posemakers of Second Life, and what better way to do so with Pose Fair 2010! Pose Fair 2010 is a fair dedicated to the creators who make poses & animations overiders. Guests include Katey Coppola of Glitterati, Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose, and Elle Kirshner of Pulling Strings Poses & Animations. Proceeds from some of the sales will be donated to Motivation.org.

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Episode 56 Broadcast 29 March 2010

The death of RL fashion designer Alexander McQueen came as a sudden shock to everyone in the fashion industry and to his fans as well. This month AVENUE Models presented a special event to pay tribute to a man who left behind an incredible legacy. Please join AVENUE’s Rusch Raymaker and Jesika Contepomi who will present FOR The Love of McQueen at Fabulous Fashion. You will get so see some of the designs created by the SL fashion designers who wished to pay tribute to this fashion icon.

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Episode 55 Broadcast 15 March 2010

Barb is a designer who wears many hats in SL. Most of you may know her as the genius behind the Fifty Linden Friday shopping craze that has become a must-do for budget minded Fashionistas. Her clothing line, This is a Fawn, is a fun collection of casual wear for men and women. Barb will be on hand to talk about how she does it all. Second Style Magazine’s Brigitte Belgar returns with a fabulous collection of accessories. Brigitte is a staff writer and advice columnist for Second Style Magazine.