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Episode 137 Broadcast 22 July 2016

Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt, the Flirty Summer Hunt, and the Red Is The New Black Hunt. You’ll find full details of the Hunts mentioned in the show – and many more – on Hunt SL.

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Episode 136 Broadcast 8 July 2016

Hunts featured on this week’s show are the Midsummer Night’s Dream Summer Hunt 7, the Hard Catch Hunt, and the Pastel Party Hunt. In addition, you can vote for the Hunties 2016 online. The Hunties are the premium awards for all aspects of Hunts and Hunting in Second Life, now in their fourth year.

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Episode 134 Broadcast 6 June 2016

Hunts featured on this week’s show are the What? What? Do What You Want! Hunt, the The World at Your Feet Hunt, the Surf Into Summer Hunt and The Silk Road Hunt VII.

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Episode 133 Broadcast 28 May 2016

Get ready for a summer full of great hunts with lots of free or almost free hunt gifts! Let’s go hunting!

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Episode 130 Broadcast 26 February 2016

We liked Valentine's Day so much we decided to do it again for the 1st two hunts this week! It was kind of like an exercise in extending our favorite oh so sweet dessert... But reality turned out not to be as hard to take as we expected! The show rolls right into boots, and all is well! Enjoy the ageless saga that is Happy Hunting!

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Episode 129 Broadcast 12 February 2016

It's that time of year again - Love is in the air... you want to look good, especially for your heart's desire! These hunts will get you right where you want to be, so don't miss this show!

Go to The 2015 Hunties Awards Show!

Broadcast 15 January 2016

The fabulous Hunties Award Show is here again! Enjoy learning who was nominated and who the ultimate 2015 favorites are as voted by You the avid Hunters in Second Life!

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Episode 127 Broadcast 1 January 2016

The ancient custom of eating rice on the first day of the new year has been handed down through families since... forever!. We at Happy Hunting want to wish you all good fortune and abundance in all things joyful! Happy New Year everybody!