Episode Listing for Global Online Hockey Association
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Episode 97 Broadcast 12 December 2010

It's oldsters and youngsters - all the GOHA Stars. The Season Eleven 2010 All Stars take to the ice at the Cleary Arena in Second Life. It's Old School vs New Age but the score or the teams don't really matter - it's the fun of playing together in this end-of-season cap off.

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Episode 96 Broadcast 5 December 2010

Season 11 is coming to an end and this battle determines the fate of the playoff hopefuls. Don't miss the great action on the Jericho Hill arena with announcers Kert Upshaw and Maverick Garsdale

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Episode 95 Broadcast 28 November 2010

What a game! Nearly an overtime decision, a great match between two tough North American teams as Season Eleven of GOHA Hockey carries on.

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Episode 94 Broadcast 21 November 2010

Ok, so there was a lot time spent in the penalty box. But it was a great game nonetheless. Watch these two great teams play as the GOHA Season 11 reaches a close.

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Episode 93 Broadcast 14 November 2010

Watch this great Sunday Night hockey game recorded live from the Jericho Hill arena in Second Life. Veteran announcer Kert Upshaw was assisted by Maverick Garsdale in calling the play by play action in the most exciting game of the ... season!

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Episode 92 Broadcast 7 November 2010

Season 11 action on the Jericho Hill rink is heating up with only two more weeks of regular season play. Join your announcers Kert Upshaw and Maverick Garsdale for the play by play commentary

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Episode 91 Broadcast 31 October 2010

Back to the Jericho Hill rink for Sunday Night Hockey. Announcing legend Kert Upshaw welcomes Maverick Garsdale to the booth to call all the action on the ice in this battle with the North American Division leaders

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Episode 90 Broadcast 24 October 2010

Live from the Cleary Arena it's Sunday Night Hockey. Fast action on the ice again this week from Second Life. Join your sports desk team Kert Upshaw and August Lusch for the play-by-play