Episode Listing for Global Online Hockey Association
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Episode 89 Broadcast 17 October 2010

This is the first appearance of the GOHA Mustangs on Treet TV. The new team is fighting their way up the ladder in the North American league so join Kert and Auggie for this game to see if they add another Win to their stats.

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Episode 88 Broadcast 10 October 2010

It's back outdoors for a Season 11 match up between the Polar Bears and Cobras on this Sunday Night Hockey from Brooks Arena. Join your announcing team hosts Kert Upshaw and August Lusch for the play by play and witty banter.

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Episode 87 Broadcast 3 October 2010

Global Online Hockey Association brings you the best hockey action anywhere. Watch this lightning fast game and welcome your hosts Kert Upshaw and August Lusch

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Episode 86 Broadcast 26 September 2010

Join Kert and August in the indoor Cleary Arena booth for all the action on the rink in this defensive match between the two teams tied in the North American League standings

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Episode 85 Broadcast 19 September 2010

The chilly outdoor Brooks Arena on the Blueliner sim is the venue for todays offensive match-up. Join your hosts Kert Upshaw and August Lusch for the play-by-play action

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Episode 84 Broadcast 12 September 2010

It's the opening of the 11th season show from Cleary Arena with some of the shortest periods of hockey you'll ever see. Join your hosts Kert Upshaw and August Lusch rinkside for the action.

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Episode 83 Broadcast 29 August 2010

It's the exhibition Season 11! GOHA returns to Treet TV with a pre-season match from the new facilities at Chamonix City. Join your hosts Kert Upshaw and August Lusch in the booth for the play-by-play action on the ice.

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Episode 82 Broadcast 27 June 2010

The battle of the sexes, GOHA style. All for the cause, the GOHA crew ups the stakes while on skates to see how much they can raise for the Relay for Life in Second Life fundraiser.