Episode Listing for Global Online Hockey Association
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Episode 81 Broadcast 30 May 2010

A gold medal game between Germany/Austria and Team Spain to top of the World Tournament series for the summer season.

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Episode 80 Broadcast 23 May 2010

The summer season at Jericho Hill arena brings us a world tournament game between France & Germany with a few familiar faces in the announcing booth. Join Kert Upshaw and August Lusch for all the play-by-play action.

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Episode 79 Broadcast 2 May 2010

It was a glorious season of GOHA Hockey, but season 10 is now over so it's time for a celebration and fun for the best players in the league in this not-too-serious All Star game. Players were voted in by team captains based on skill and performance.

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Episode 78 Broadcast 25 April 2010

More playoff action from Jericho Hill arena in the second round of this best of 7 series building up to the end of Season X - Round 2, Game 4

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Episode 77 Broadcast 18 April 2010

The Season 10 playoffs continue for game 6 in this best of 7 series! It could be decided in the next three periods of action on the Jericho Hill ice. Join host Kert Upshaw for play by play between PolarBears vs. Wolves

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Episode 76 Broadcast 11 April 2010

It's North American playoff time for Season 10. Today is Round 1, Game 2 between Wolves and Polar Bears. Join announcer Kert Upshaw to see how the best of 7 unfolds.

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Episode 75 Broadcast 28 March 2010

Nicholas Huillemeyer sits in for Kert this week and Vivienne Coppola helps out in the booth for this great game between two hard-fighting teams

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Episode 74 Broadcast 21 March 2010

Season 10 powers on for another great match up with three of the fastest periods you've seen on the Jericho Hill rink, and what a great job by both goalies. Watch this one for all the action with your hosts Kert and Viv