Episode Listing for Global Online Hockey Association
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Episode 73 Broadcast 14 March 2010

Kert Upshaw and Vivienne Coppola are in the sky booth tonight for this match up between North American league Moose and Ice Lords

Go to Whales @ Cobras

Episode 72 Broadcast 7 March 2010

A defensive battle we all thought would go into overtime. Check out who gets the winning goal in the third period from Jericho Hill arena with host Kert Upshaw

Go to Polar Bears @ Mammoth

Episode 70 Broadcast 14 February 2010

Great defense. Great offense. This game had them both. Be sure to join host Kert Upshaw for all the play-by-plan on the ice.

Go to Ice Lords @ Polar Bears

Episode 69 Broadcast 7 February 2010

Two good teams. One great game. Join Kert & Viv in the announcing booth as they call the lightning-fast action on the Jericho Hill Arena ice rink.

Go to Mammoth @ Polar Bears

Episode 68 Broadcast 31 January 2010

Join hosts Kert Upshaw and Vivienne Coppola high above the ice as the Mammoth and Polar Bears mix it up down on the ice for 3 fast periods.

Go to Wolves @ Cobras, Season X

Episode 67 Broadcast 17 January 2010

Kert Upshaw did an amazing job of keeping us on top of all the action on the ice for this tight game between the Cobras and Wolves.

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Episode 66 Broadcast 10 January 2010

Season 10 opens on 01/10/10 with a tip of the hat to players from the early days. This is an anniversary game with 'old timer' Wolves and Whales

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Episode 64 Broadcast 15 November 2009

Get ready for the battle for the cup - starting off with Polar Bears vs Cobras - join rink side commentators Kert Upshaw and Vivienne Coppola