Episode Listing for Global Online Hockey Association
Go to Whales @ Ice Lords, 31May09

Episode 47 Broadcast 31 May 2009

Season 8 just keeps getting better. Join announcers Kert Upshaw and Bedtime Bobbysocks behind the desk as they call all the hot action on the ice.

Go to Moose @ Ice Lords, 24May09

Episode 46 Broadcast 24 May 2009

OPENING DAY for Season 8 of the Global Online Hockey Association sees the Moose & Ice Lords out on the ice at the Jericho Hill rink. Join sportscasters Kert Upshaw, Bedtime Bobbysocks and Zen Paine at the desk

Go to Goodbye Season 7 :: 05Apr09

Episode 45 Broadcast 5 April 2009

The end of GOHA season 7 sees a fun game between the Ice Lords and Wolves to see who will win the prized trophy

Go to All Star Game

Episode 44 Broadcast 29 March 2009

Season Seven All Stars show off their skills on this match-up between the Jericho Hill Reds and the Treesong Blues.

Go to Playoff Game :: 22Mar09

Episode 43 Broadcast 22 March 2009

It's the Cobras and Moose in Game 4 of season seven Playoffs. It's a best of 7 series, and without giving you a spoiler there are going to be more games to see who wins the big cup.

Go to Euro Arena Cup :: 15Mar09

Episode 42 Broadcast 15 March 2009

It's a cup match for the Euro League - even though the blue Care Bear was down on the ice. hmmm. See which team drinks from the big silver trophy: Ravens or Storm.

Go to Moose @ Cobras ::  01Mar09

Episode 40 Broadcast 1 March 2009

As the season starts to wind down this great match up between Cobras and Moose shows just how good some of these players are. Join Kert Upshaw & Bedtime Bobbysocks rink side for all the play-by-play and stats.

Go to Whales @ Wolves :: 22Feb09

Episode 39 Broadcast 22 February 2009

Your announcers Kert Upshaw & Bedtime Bobbysocks were predicting overtime, but this match-up finished in regulation 3 periods. Watch to see who wins.