Flying pucks, checks into the boards, and players getting flattened - it's fast-paced hockey action on the rink at Jericho Hill Arena. 

GOHA Hockey is the weekly broadcast game from the Global Online Hockey Association. The association was started in 2006 by Jack Belvedere and the league cup competition is in it’s 11th season. 

The dynamically scripted game attracts a strong following, with fans assembling in the Hillsong side of the rink where the Puckettes assemble each week to cheer the teams to victory.

Long running announcer Kert Upshaw has been joined once again by original co-host and purveyor of terrible jokes August Lusch, these two will be keeping you up to speed with the action as the game unfolds.

When: Sunday 3:00 PM SLT
Where: Original GOHA home, Jericho Hill (110, 210, 401) and the brand new Charmonix City stadiums.

Further information:

Production team credits:
Host/Hosts: Kert Upshaw & August Lusch
Producer: Jack Belvedere, GOHA commissioner
Camera's & Sound: Texas Timtam & Wiz Nordberg