Episode Listing for The Grid's Honest Truth
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Episode 10 Broadcast 18 February 2011

Second Life wins again in the battle for ponderous unintuitive non-profitable flakey client server virtual worlds. Mr & Mrs Avatar, it's time for the honest truth from that lovable laughable Second Life reporter SecondLie Scribe.

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Episode 9 Broadcast 16 January 2011

The big story - plus lots of news and views from around the world of SecondLie, your fast easy fun reporter.

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Episode 8 Broadcast 1 January 2011

The first show of the new year welcomes 2011 and that cracking wise poker of fun, Second Lie.

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Episode 7 Broadcast 22 December 2010

Your fast, easy, fun reporter is back with a Christmas Special installment - the 12 Days of Gridmas. Happy Holidays to all gridizens everywhere.

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Episode 6 Broadcast 5 December 2010

Do you have your name written in your underwear layer? It may be the only way to know who anyone really is. Join SecondLie for some laughs and fun poked at our Second Lives

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Episode 5 Broadcast 9 November 2010

Keeping Mr & Mrs Avatar informed of all the goings on in Second Life and making sure there are lots of laughs along the way.

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Episode 4 Broadcast 21 October 2010

Your fast easy fun reporter brings you the Big Story and lots of jabs and gibes at our favorite SL targets for the week

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Episode 3 Broadcast 11 October 2010

A wise-cracker look at the latest buzz and rumors flying around the grid today.