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Episode 29 Broadcast 15 May 2012

The laughs are back with another gathering of your favorite stand-ups. Join hostess Lauren Weyland with guests Catboy Qunhua, Doc Grun, and Veritas Heliosense

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Episode 28 Broadcast 20 March 2012

Another laugh fest of funnies from host Lauren Weyland and guest friends: Pooky Amsterdam, White Queen, Bubblepop Unplugged, SecondLie Scribe and Catfish String

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Episode 27 Broadcast 7 February 2012

It's a packed house at Lauren's Place for lots of laughs from your favorite stand-ups in SL. Check out tonight's guests SecondLie Scribe, Catfish String, Veritas Heliosense, Doc Grun, plus the Valentine Devil herself, Lauren Weyland.

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Episode 26 Broadcast 14 November 2011

In the tradition of all the great comedy clubs, Lauren Weyland shares the stage with some pretty funny comics. Don't miss the bits from SecondLie Scribe, Thinkerer Melville &Jamie Jordon

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Episode 24 Broadcast 23 August 2011

Another funny night at Lauren's Place on Cookie sim in Second Life. Guests taking a turn on the stage this time are Doc Grun needs a vacation, Bubblepop Unplugged's dedication to Steven Wright, Crap Mariner asks about S&P downgrades and a big GET WELL to sister Beth's Brain. Also some great jokes from EvaMoon Ember will keep you laughing.

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Episode 23 Broadcast 2 August 2011

Funny lady Lauren Weyland welcomes more Second Life comics to the stage at Cookie. Join in with lots of laughs to the stand ups Doc Grun and SecondLie Scribe, along with Evamoon Ember and Benski Korhonen. And don't miss some tributes to the great comedy legends.

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Episode 22 Broadcast 16 July 2011

Some say this is the funniest show ever so sit back, relax and get ready to laugh. Join Lauren Weyland from the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life special and welcome guests Doc Grun, Bubblepop Unplugged and Voices of Angels. A special thanks also goes out to Howdy Colter for stepping in at the last minute to help record this special night of laughter.

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Episode 21 Broadcast 20 June 2011

Happy Birthday Second Life from the funniest blond in SL. Watch comedienne Lauren Weyland on the main auditorium stage including a few friends on the stage: Bubblepop & Doc