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The Follow plays Back from the Treet TV Expo celebration on Northpoint.

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Originally from South Africa, sound jeweler MoShang Zhao has been living in Taiwan since 2003 and became a “son-in-law of Taiwan” in 2009. He has released four full-length albums and an EP and has been featured on a number of compilation- and collaboration-albums. His most recent release is Suncake Lounge Vol. 1 with Australian guitarist, Chris Bailey. He is responsible for the Live Online Podcast in which he shares one of his live performances each week for free download. He has won a South African award for his music to a short-film, his music has been featured on the Discovery Channel, and one of his tracks is currently being distributed internationally with the Ubuntu operating system. More about Moshang at China Tang Empire Valor Renilo's China Tang Empire sim was created to be a little window into the Chinese culture. Tang dynasty was the height, the Golden Age of ancient China. Today, we see parallel, the rise of another Golden Age. I thought a reminder of the past would be an interesting parallel. Valor says there are many people who he has met in SL who have yet to travel out of their own confines, be it their homes, their towns, their citiies, or their countries. For those who cannot explore the world, and who cannot see - aside from books and television, what lies beyond their backyards, SL is the perfect medium for them to embark on their explorations. And hence, the birth of China Tang. It took a team of three for China Tang, including Cayenne Republic, ryusho Ort Most of the ground-level builds have been done with great precision and accordance, as much as SL and space allowed, to pre-existing Tang dynasty builds. China Tang 2 "Although I have picked up Chinese (Mandarin) while growing up in Mahattan, it was not untl much later that I had the chance to spend a year and half in Beijing, China to fully immerse myself in an entirely Chinese environment - to learn the language, to know the people, and to scrape the tip of the cultural iceberg. I have always been enthralled by the Asian culture. My travels and work in different parts of Asia has enriched my experience, and at the same time, shown me how little I know, and how much there is still out there to be explored -- and this underlines the motivation behind creating this sim". ~Valor Renilo Valor has collaborated to with Moshang and Live n Kickin to add Authentic Chinese Dancers for this weeks Show!

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Sean Kagalis.. Strum Diesel in SL began playing guitar and writing songs at 13. A year later he landed his first gig at an old rundown Daytona Beach, Florida gas station turned biker-bar dubbed Charlie’s. After receiving the approval of a presumably tough audience, Sean began to realize that being a performing songwriter was his destiny. Just a few years later Sean performed his song ”.. and I failed social studies that year ” at the 1999 International Conference on Non-Violence, which was held at the Doctor Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The song is a narration of childhood experiences growing up in a predominantly racist community in Lake County, Florida. Personal experience is the primary source for subject matter in Sean’s work. When he’s not lamenting his heartbreak, or the heartbreak he has created, his voice is dedicated to explicating socio-political issues that are constantly perverted or altogether ignored by mainstream media. Being the down to earth kinda guy he is we decided to match up Strum with Hobo Island for his Live N Kickin Performance. Second Life Hobos have a long history in Second Life and the group originates from Calleta’s Hobo Railroad and Information Hub. Bonehead Goalpost and her assorted hobo friends built Hobo Island not as a replacement for Calleta, but to allow Second Life Hobos to expand their activities in social networking, teaching others, providing an outstanding sand box, and in reducing bothersome lag. Second Life hobos are also known to be some of the best builders around! Wait till you see Aitolda Cooljoke ’s build “ Castaway Cove ” where Strum performed.