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Go to Guest Author Don Elwell

Episode 47 Broadcast 19 December 2009

Actor, teacher, and author Don Elwell joins us today and reads selections from two of his books: "The Coyote Trilogy" and "The Ganymeade Protocol"

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Episode 46 Broadcast 21 November 2009

Emerian Rich was writing vampire fiction before it became popular. She reads from her novel 'Night's Knights' and gives tips on building a following by podcasting fiction before moving into print.

Go to Guest Author Marjorie M Liu

Episode 45 Broadcast 24 October 2009

New York Times Bestselling Author Marjorie M Liu reads from her novels 'The Fire King' and 'The Iron Hunt' and tells us why she left a career as a lawyer to become a writer.

Go to Guest Author Linda Ciletti

Episode 44 Broadcast 26 September 2009

Jilly Kidd talks with award-winning author Linda Ciletti about her romantic adventure, medieval historical, time travel and contemporary novels. Ciletti reads from her books Draegon's Lair and Knight Stalker.

Go to Guest Author Dennis Tafoya

Episode 43 Broadcast 12 September 2009

Crime writer Dennis Tafoya's debut novel 'The Dope Thief' was launched this year to critical acclaim. He tells us how his life has changed from his days as an aspiring writer to his success in this popular form.

Go to Guest Author Mike Lynch

Episode 42 Broadcast 29 August 2009

Sci fi author Mike Lynch talks to Adele about his novel When the Sky Fell and gives tips on how to persuade publishers to take a debut novel

Go to Guest Author John Geiger

Episode 41 Broadcast 8 August 2009

Bestselling author of "The Third Man Factor", John Geiger talks about how when some people experience a stressful or harrowing ordeal they often receive help from a distinct presence. What is it?

Go to Guest Author Trevor Byrne

Episode 40 Broadcast 6 June 2009

Acclaimed new Irish writer Trevor Byrne talks about his novel 'Ghosts & Lightning', which takes the reader on a romp in Dublin dialect as the lovable narrarator Denny contrasts contemporary degeneration with the country's glorious past.