Join author Adele Ward as she interviews a diverse mix of writers from around the world.

Special guests include Neil Strauss (Catastrophe), John Geiger (The Third Man Factor), Terrance Dicks (Dr Who), Paul Levinson (The Plot To Save Socrates) and many others.

Find out more about their inspirations, tips and techniques for writing as well as learn more about the characters and plots in their books.

The show features an interview, book reading and questions from the audience.

Bestselling authors and debut novelists in a variety of forms have appeared. Any author can apply to be considered for the show.

Contact the show at

When: Saturday 2:00 PM SLT
Where: Red Sky Club, Meet an Author Sho, Cookie (26, 135, 65)

Further information: Ward

Production team credits:
Host/Hosts: Producer: Adele Ward (SL Jilly Kidd)
Director: Adele Ward (SL Jilly Kidd)
Designer: Hastings Bournemouth
Special Mention: Thinkerer Melville for providing the sim