Host Tricia Aferdita takes us to "The Path", a collaboative art installation organized by Bryn Oh and the Linden Endowment for the Arts. We meet artists Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Douglas Story & Rose Borchovski; four of the nine artists involved in the narrative.

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Metaverse Arts Host Gwen Carillon with Steam Powered GiraffeMetaverse Arts Host Gwen Carillon with Steam Powered GiraffePlease join us today in the Designing Worlds Studio in Garden of Dreams at 12 noon, Sunday 13th May, for an exclusive viewing of Metaverse Arts' latest episode on Treet TV.

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Metaverse Arts LogoMetaverse Arts Logo

Join us at 2pm SLT today, Sunday 12th February for the first showing of a whole new Metaverse Arts, at our beautiful studio at The Labyrinth Theatre in Avalon. Note that this is a new location – we’ve moved into the sky and to a whole new studio!

And the studio isn't the only new element of the show as we have a new host too - Gwen Carillon! In this first show. Gwen will be talking to the popular Australian artist Glyph Graves, who works in real life and Second Life to great acclaim - and has also created amazing cross-over artworks that draw on both realities.

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Metaverse Arts LogoMetaverse Arts LogoFollowing a pause over the winter holidays, Metaverse Arts, the show broadcast on treet,tv about art and artists in virtual worlds, is coming back with a new studio, a new format—and a new presenter, the popular artist, DJ and designer, Gwen Carillon!

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Join us on Saturday at 2pm SLT for Metaverse Art recorded live on Treet TV. In the first half of the episode we'll catch up with M2Danger Ranger again and find out what's up with Burn2. Then we'll visit with JayJay Zifanwe, founder of the UWA Art & Design Contest. Learn a bit about how it all started and see a slide show of the Imagine Finalists. All that, plus our regular events listing and the unveiling of the featured gallery. See you there!

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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The following is an invitation to be part of a construction of the urban imaginary in SL.
The intention is to explore how the imaginary that have on the urban and the city moved from Rl or real life, the world of Second Life.

In association could answer the following questions:

¿what are the characteristics of second life that make you feel urban living space?

1. buildings constructed in SL
2. social spaces
3. Culture. (Festivals, exhibitions, carnivals. Bar)

¿What most frequent activities in SL?

1. parties.
2. art exhibitions.
3. spaces of encounter and dialogue.

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