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Go to MODA Returns with G Sloane

Great news fashion lovers! MODA Fashion Spotlight returns and shows us the latest from G Sloane. Join hosts Harlee Lane and Raine McCallan for this very happy occasion.

Episode 151 Broadcast 24 September 2012

Go to Ranena Olivier

Episode 150 Broadcast 27 June 2011

Great designer fashions on the runway from Ranena Olivier Couture. This is the 150th Spotlight show and you don't want to miss the latest from this beautiful designer line. Join your hosts Harlee Lane and Payton Heron for all the inside info.

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Episode 149 Broadcast 20 June 2011

Watch the great MODA models show off Honey Bender's fashions that defy a genre. The style is a little bit rock-n-roll and a little bit carnival and a little bit fetish ... You don't want to miss it.

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Episode 148 Broadcast 13 June 2011

Spice up your lingerie closet with the latest line from Carrie Bridger's designs. Romantic or sizzling, this show is all about fashions for those special times with the ones you love. Join your host Harlee Lane for the hot fashions.

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Episode 147 Broadcast 6 June 2011

A little bit Mad Men, a little bit Grace Kelly. Watch this great runway show with the timeless designs of Sonatta Morales of Sonatta as the stylish models take to the catwalk. Join your hosts Harlee Lane and Helene Diplomat for the fun fashions.

Go to G Sloane Couture

Episode 146 Broadcast 16 May 2011

A return visit from Geryn Sloane to the MODA studio for a runway show of all her latest couture looks. Join your hosts Harlee Lane & Helene Diplomat as they fill us in on each great outfit.

Go to Love Cats

Episode 145 Broadcast 9 May 2011

Love Cats on the Moda catwalk show off lots of fun nekko styles on the lovely models of Moda. Join your host Harlee Lane for the story of each fashion look.

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I've posted my oh so valuable two pennies worth at MODA Fashion SL I think we can all agree that sensationalism sells stories and drama creates buzz. At least they're talking about us, right? Well read on and watch on. We'll see you all right here Monday nights at 7:30 pm SLT for the MODA Fashion Spotlight show.

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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Kimber Kassner is a natural at styling and an expert runway model.  She is known for her ability to blend a bit of wild with the unique and make it work.  Since graduating from MODA Modeling School, Kimber is consistently working hard as a model and as a positive role model to others.

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Tonight’s show features a contemporary collection from KUNGLERS.

Designers AvaGardner Kungler and Barbra Kungler, a dynamic duo of siblings in real life, will delight you with their sophisticated and classy collection.

Our MODA models will show the best in casual wear, cocktail dresses and stunning evening gowns.

Watch us LIVE at 7:30pm SLT!

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Last night's Spotlight episode brought back an admired friend, and talented fashion designer whom we have known and loved since the beginning of Spotlight.  So, while we are waiting for the latest episode to render, let me show you a quick peek at just one of the latest creations of Fido Fudo.

You can read the entire article and see what Gamp has to show you here:

Read the full story here

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We are pleased and proud to welcome the return of Fido Fudo to our stage. We've known Fido and loved her work for years. We are all looking forward to seeing her newest amazing creations!

Also, some of the models are adorned with jewelry by Ganked. Stop on by and see what happens when elegant simplicity meets bold and beautiful at 7:30pm right here on

Go to  G Sloane Couture Returns

Geryn Sloane of G Sloane Couture joins spotlight hosts Harlee & Nyte as we all get to see the latest line with spring and summer looks from one of Second Life's best designers.

The very latest in Second Life fashion presented by the best modeling team inworld is what you will get when you watch MODA Fashion Spotlight.

This fast-paced half hour runway event features a new designer every week. Some of the biggest names in virtual fashion design have appeared, including Dollyrock, SHIKI Designs, House Of Beningborough and Bliss Couture.

Hosts Harlee Lane and Nyte Vargas provide entertaining and insightful commentary as the outfits are presented on the catwalk.

The show is produced by MODA Productions, headed by Jujudoll Dancer. Jujudoll runs a modeling school called MODA Modeling School who consistently produce some of the best and hardest working models in Second Life.

Tune in and let the Spotlight models dazzle you!

When: Monday 7:30PM SLT
Where: MODA Fashion Spotlight, Burbank Place (30, 169, 25)

Further information:

Production team credits:
Executive Producer: Jujudoll Dancer
Creative Director: Yxes Delacroix
Production Manager: Makeda Cole
Production Assistant: Liane Maertens
Modeling Coach: Lovis Timeless
Designer Liaison: Mia Sanchez
Wardrobe Coordinator: Calveen Kline
Set Design/Builder: Calveen Kline
Host/Hosts: Harlee Lane and Nyte Vargas

The REAL stars of the show: The MODA SPOTLIGHT Modeling Team