Episode Listing for Music Academy onLive
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Episode 59 Broadcast 24 August 2009

Host Benton Wunderlich welcomes filmmaker Bradley Lockerman to discuss his documentary about the remarkable Professor John Searl, inventor of the flying disk.

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Episode 58 Broadcast 17 August 2009

Music Academy friend Anthony Lanman returns to talk about how original compositions can be influenced by others and shares some samples of his own works.

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Episode 57 Broadcast 27 July 2009

Two saxophone performance pieces by guest Noah Getz are part of this episode along with a discussion with Benton about Noah's projects and CD releases.

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Episode 56 Broadcast 20 July 2009

It's summer holiday time for the Music Academy avatars, so we've pulled together a Best Of selection from recent episodes. Watch and enjoy the show!

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Episode 55 Broadcast 13 July 2009

Everything you want to know about American Idol but were afraid to ask. Join Benton and his guest ethnomusicologist, Dr. Katherine Meizel.

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Episode 53 Broadcast 15 June 2009

Benton welcomes composer/musicologist Dr. Raphael Thone. Thone's specialty is the music of the late Sir Malcolm Arnold who excelled not only in the concert world but also in film compositions

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Episode 51 Broadcast 25 May 2009

What do you call a pair of duos? Music Academy friends Duo DnA and Duo Appassionato are planning a joint concert series and return to share their tour details and some music performances with host Benton Wunderlich

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Episode 50 Broadcast 18 May 2009

Music Academy pal Amin Bhatia makes a return visit to the stage at Utwig to share his experiences over the past year with us, including the 'Virtuality' ride.