Composer and teacher Benton Wunderlich (David Schwartz in RL) invites some of the biggest names in classical music to share their music and thoughts about theory, composition and their careers.

Guests have included famous composers Amin Bhatia, William Kraft and Richard Bellis.

The show has featured performances by the Imani Winds Wind Quintet, Duo Appassionato, David Weiss and pianist Alpha H. Walker.

Benton explores the nature of music by talking with experts from a range of disciplines ranging from archeologists and anthropologists to filmmakers and even biologists.

The Music Academy OnLive is essential viewing for people interested in music and composition.

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Executive Producer:     Benton Wunderlich
Hosts: Benton Wunderlich
Production Manager: Matelisse Criss
Avatar Design: Matelisse Criss
Set design: Autumn Beaver Design