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More news from the Firestorm team about Avatar Baking and the 8-week countdown for third party viewers.

Episode 4 Broadcast 15 December 2012

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Episode 3 Broadcast 20 March 2012

Jessica and her support team answer questions about the latest Phoenix and Firestorm releases, and keep you informed on the future of the projects.

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Episode 1 Broadcast 28 February 2012

A special Q&A with Jessica Lyon about the latest announcements from Linden Lab regarding new 3rd Party viewers policies.

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Everyone knows the Phoenix 3rd-party development team makes the most popular viewer for Second Life. We are so happy to welcome the Phoenix Firestorm Hour (formerly known as Office Hours!) to Treet TV. Special thanks to Jessica Lyon from the Phoenix team, Phaylen Fairchild, Howdy Colter and the full production crew for all their hard work and patience.

Keep informed with all the latest from your favorite viewer team.

Sometimes the show is longer than an hour, but we still call it that and it's the best source of candid honest information about the most popular 3rd-party viewer for the grid.

The independent developer team for Phoenix, and now Firestorm, are available to their users for an open Question & Answer session during the show. Originally started as in-world "office hours" the demand for direct information to this very popular viewer has led to a video program streamed live.

Join hostess Phaylen Fairchild and Phoenix spoksperson Jessica Lyon for all the latest news and support info.