Episode Listing for Pop Vox
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Episode 18 Broadcast 28 April 2010

Watch this amazing live performance by UK band Redzone from the new Pop Art Lab underground club. There's no genre that defines Redzone's style so you will just need to watch! And be sure to catch the interview with Cabaret to find out more about the band.

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Episode 17 Broadcast 28 April 2010

Join Pop Art Lab hosts Persia Bravin and Claus Uriza for a chat with Redzone singer Cabaret Voltaire to find out more about the band behind the music.

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Episode 14 Broadcast 16 April 2010

New sim launch celebration for Pop Art Lab included a machinima contest with the top prize of L$100,000. Watch all the finalists and see Linden Lab Jeska Linden announce the winning entry.

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Episode 15 Broadcast 16 April 2010

Skye Galaxy was just one of the performers at the Pop Art Lab new sim launch celebration Pop Explosion on 16 April. Enjoy this show and find out why everyone in Second Life is talking about Skye

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Episode 16 Broadcast 16 April 2010

Starflower was a lovely end to a great Pop Explosion celebration of the new Pop Art Lab sim launch on 16 April. Enjoy her original songs in this live performance from Second Life.

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Episode 12 Broadcast 7 December 2009

Get to know today's artist MommaLuv Skytower in this interview with Pop Vox hostess Persia Bravin

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Episode 13 Broadcast 7 December 2009

Watch the multi-sensory pioneering female performer MommaLuv Skytower perform live at the Pop Art Lab stage in Second Life

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Episode 11 Broadcast 19 October 2009

Engrama takes the stage at Pop Art Lab to share their special fresh sound - watch Pupito Abrahams on guitar and Lakua Arriaga on drums.