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Episode 65 Broadcast 1 March 2009

The season finale of Sail On takes us to the Honah Lee course and uncharted water. What better way to say So Long to MarkTwain White and the Sail On crew as they take a break from broadcasting.

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Episode 63 Broadcast 15 February 2009

The big AAC yachts get their chance to race on the new Blake Sea waters on this edition of Sail On with MarkTwain White

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Episode 62 Broadcast 8 February 2009

Flying Fizz skippers take off on the Blake Sea Pacific Line Short Olympic course today for the United Sailing Sims Sunday Regatta

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Episode 61 Broadcast 1 February 2009

This Super Sunday Regatta took to the new Pacific Line Long (and we do mean long) Olympic course set out in the new Blake Sea ocean. Watch this episode to see how the Tako skippers did in the high seas.

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Episode 60 Broadcast 25 January 2009

Watch this all-classes sail around the new Blake Sea waters as Second Life skippers celebrate the opening of a virtual ocean of sailing exploration. Thank you Linden Lab and hats off to Sail On host MarkTwain White for all your hard work. Congratulations and happy sailing!

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Episode 59 Broadcast 18 January 2009

We might be saying goodbye to the Angels Gate lighthouse, but hello to the cool art deco tower at the Hollywood Airport terminal building. Watch today's regatta and see both as the tako skippers take to the Balboa Circle course.

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Episode 58 Broadcast 11 January 2009

Watch the big sailing yachts take on the Olympic course at United Sailing Sims in less than ideal Second Life conditions - part of the challenge of high seas sailing competition.

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Episode 57 Broadcast 21 December 2008

Fast and furious flying fizzes are making their way around the new Olympic Course starting at Starboards Yacht Club