Episode Listing for Shopping Showcase
Go to WaterMoon Breeze

Episode 42 Broadcast 20 April 2010

A return visit to WaterMoon Breeze where we spend some time with the creative genius MenuBar Memorial. Find out what new and improved builder tools and fun gizmos MenuBar has been working on. Come to WaterMoon Breeze for all your landscaping tools, environmental enhancements, sculpty waterfalls, toys, devices and gadgets.

Go to True North Designs

Episode 41 Broadcast 5 April 2010

True North Designs offers a broad array of high quality product lines from unique prim jewelry, to animatons, to interactive furnishings for home and office. Don't miss Delly's delightful water features, fountains and lighting elements.

Go to The Cage Dance Club

Episode 40 Broadcast 15 March 2010

Yxes makes another visit to The Cage Dance Club and talks with owner Amber Bracken about why people keep coming back to be with friends and meet new ones. The Cage Dance Club offers daily events from 6:00pm (SL) always hosted in a casual super friendly atmosphere. The music is varied, from Classic Rock, Dance Hits and Dj Events regularly. Newly located on the sim of Paradiso Perduto.

Go to Paradiso Perduto

Episode 39 Broadcast 7 March 2010

Spend some time with charming Amber Bracken, owner of Paradiso Perduto. This is a class 5 sim with well designed layout, providing rental and land purchasing options, with privacy, mountain tracks, facilities and more.

Go to Pegasus Zeppelin

Episode 38 Broadcast 15 August 2009

The Pegasus Zeppelin is a residential & vacation airship flying above the Mondrian sim in Second Life. Meet its builder, Bill Stirling and get a tour of the facilities including a wedding chapel.

Go to Sci-Fan Tech by Salem

Episode 34 Broadcast 1 March 2009

Meet one of the nicest avatars in Second Life, Salem Sella of Sci-Fan Tech - for the science fiction fan techie in all of us. Get familiar with Salem's store and see all the great stuff she can make for you.

Go to Duggy Bing's Cartoonimals

Episode 33 Broadcast 27 January 2009

Duggy Bing's Cartoonimals is a sim-sized attraction in the form of an island zoo. It is filled with animated cartoony animals, whimsical and hilarious gifts, as well as fun clothing and animal wearables. It's wide range of funny products such as tip jars and wearable dance chims has been featured on Second Life Showcase as well as several prominent SL blogs.

Go to WaterMoon Breeze

Episode 30 Broadcast 14 November 2008

Meet good friend Menubar Memorial as he shows Yxes around his WanterMoon Breeze marketplace filled with fun and interesting things to do and buy.