Episode Listing for VSN Simboarding
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Episode 95 Broadcast 11 July 2010

Join your host Cyphian Heart for a very unusual pro boarder event from the Dream Horizon sim gave some extra challenges to today's contestants Kharnac Ren, Jediwolf Destiny and aRTeee Nuubert

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Episode 94 Broadcast 27 June 2010

The pro boarders are back at the big half pipe this week for a chance to win the prize and the podium spot. See who takes it: Pygar Standish, KrackManiac Robonaught, Shifty Gears, AnimaDannata Capalini, Kujura Hancroft

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Episode 93 Broadcast 20 June 2010

Guest announcer Socks Clawtooth steps in today for a visit with the Pros at the VSN Skatepark. See how the points add up between Pygar Standish, Ikiryo Waverider, Kharnak Ren, and Andy Azov

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Episode 92 Broadcast 6 June 2010

The Dream Horizon skate park is the place for this week's pro competition with your VSN host Cyphian Heart. See which boarders take the prize today Socks Clawtooth, sunARKIT Ra, Kulprit Zhora, Pygar Standish, Jediwold Destiny

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Episode 91 Broadcast 30 May 2010

This may be one of the most exciting finishes ever - don't miss it, if you can keep up with the fast pace that is. See which pro boarder gets to the podium: Ikiryo Waverider, Lavitz Nori, AnimaDannata Capalini, Sarafina Raymaker, Socks Clawtooth, Pygar Standish

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Episode 90 Broadcast 23 May 2010

PacMan is everywhere - including the big skate park at Dream Horizon in Second Life. See how pros win against Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and Clyde today, or, between each other - Socks Clawtooth, Kharnak Ren, Shifty Gears, Andy Azov, or Pygar Standish

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Episode 89 Broadcast 16 May 2010

Another full boat of qualified pro boarders today that start out with a pretty rocky ride - but things settle down for some pretty awesome high scores. Watch all the high-flying twists of Kujura Hancroft, Socks Clawtooth, Pygar Standish, lewiz Zsun, Caden Sporg, aRTeee Nuubert

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Episode 88 Broadcast 9 May 2010

More and more pro boarders are getting into the Sunday competitions. See who racks up the most points today between Andy Azov, Caden Sporg, Kujura Hancroft, aRTeee Nuubert, Ikiryo Waverider, and AnimaDannata Capalini