A fast-paced cross between surfing and skateboarding, the VSN Simboarding competition is ideal for thrill seekers and real life gromits.

Each Sunday the best boarders compete in the Half Pipe and Freestyle Park Pro event's to win fame and fortune. Judging is based on the skill, variety and difficulty of tricks and twists.

Champions of the past include the lag rabbit Pygar Standish and the latest champion, the wire-rider Socks Clawtooth.

The simboarding group is one of the largest sports groups inworld and VSN is setting the pace for extreme sports in Second Life. New boarders are welcome to come along and give it a try. The resident Pro's are always willing to teach new boarders the ropes.

“Keep on grinding” with host Cyphien Heart.

When: Sunday 12:00PM SLT
Where: Virtual Sports Nexus - Simboard , Dream Horizon (139, 116, 538)

Further information:

Produced by Virtual Sports Nexus
Owner: Cyphien Heart
Host: Cyphien Heart
Managers: Jesiah Carver, Paige Actor, Basil Wijaya, Paasha Luminos
Judges: Jesiah Carver, Paige Actor, Basil Wijaya
Builder: Sean Martin