Japanese game show meets whacky mini-golf with RacerX Gullwing’s Giant Snail Races a Second Life institution since 2004.
The course is on the mainland grid at Hawthorne, and sees a collection of 45 feet tall snails racing through an obstacle course.

It's a laid back casual fun show where you never know what could happen, especially with a different theme each event resulting in great costumes and antics to match.

There are early qualifying races and the show usually includes two final races. The first race for new rookie snails, the next two races are a mix of whoever registers that morning and the final race is the top finishers from the first three races. Spectators follow the action aboard The Magnificent Snail Tracking Self Propelled Grandstands Colored to match the scarf worn by there sections snail.

Every year the Giant Snails raise funds for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life campaign in Second Life. Once a month for about four months RacerX holds a cross country race across over 40 sims using the existing roads across the grid to raise funds and awareness for RFL.  

For more background, the races were featured on NPIRL a while back: http://npirl.blogspot.com/2008/03/to-be-giant-snail-or-be-run-over-by-on...

Always looking for new Snails the Giant Snail avatar is free; contact waelya Tenk or Baldi McMillan for help getting started.

When: Sunday 12:00PM SLT
Where: Giant Snail Races, Hawthorne

Further information: 

Production team credits:
    Host/Hosts: RacerX Gullwing, Wiz Norburg, Selene Spellhunter, Kiwi Alpha    
    Producer:       http://www.FireSabre.com We use there sims.
    Director:       Wiz try's but its sort of like herding cats.
    Assistants:     Waelya Tenk our Bi-lingual snail wrangler/recruiter/record keeper and lots more
    Interns: Waelya Tenk (If thats an assistant that works for free) 
    Special Mention (Name/Title): DrFran Babcock / Escargoligist / Substitute Host.