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Giant Snails love cheerleaders. I think they love us too. What a fun crazy day of snail races this was. Also Alazarin Mobius has agreed to let us use his music in our show so new credits music by Alazarin Mobius Cosmodrome and during the race we used his song Space_Patrol you can buy it at or his whole album is on sale here http://alt.prog.rock, by The Invisible Band! Thanks man!

Episode 339 Broadcast 9 August 2014

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Episode 338 Broadcast 2 August 2014

This week were in the Star Trek universe with favorites from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and maybe even Enterprise. Also Alazarin Mobius has agreed to let us use his music in our show so new credits music by Alazarin Mobius Cosmodrome you can buy it at or his whole album is on sale here http://alt.prog.rock, by The Invisible Band! Thanks man!

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Episode 336 Broadcast 26 July 2014

With the greatest mad hatter there is, join RacerX down the rabbit hole for some fun.

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Episode 335 Broadcast 19 July 2014

This year's Relay For Life weekend included the annual tiny snail course as residents lapped the track.

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Episode 334 Broadcast 12 July 2014

The great giant snail relay for life race for July is ON. Go Relay!

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Episode 333 Broadcast 5 July 2014

From the master of making things blow up, RacerX brings you fireworks

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Episode 332 Broadcast 28 June 2014

One of the stranger themes for today's race, but it is BBQ season so ...

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Hi folks been a while since I posted here. A few new things in Snail Racing going on. We have those spectacular flying spectator seats flying again. So now you can follow along behind your favorite snail cheering them on.
spectacular view from the magical following seats for spectatorsspectacular view from the magical following seats for spectators
Were shaking things up again. Was getting boring watching the same two snails win every time year after year after year.

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The Giant Snails will be raising money for the Relay For Life on Saturday the 25th 11:00am. Hope to see you there. Giant Snails poster 3Giant Snails poster 3
Anyway come to the track touch the poster there looks like the one above and get your free Giant Snail Avatar for you to customize were at

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This is the longest one 60 sims of Snail racing Action. It's for a great cause The American Cancer Society.Second cross country race for RFLSecond cross country race for RFL This month were going down the the Atoll Coastline route on our way to the Hobo camp. Anyway come to the track touch the poster there looks like the one above and get your free Giant Snail Avatar for you to customize were at

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Giant Snails RFL poster race 1Giant Snails RFL poster race 1
This is your Chance! It's time to run with the Snails again for a great cause The American Cancer Society. This month were going down the original route with the new detour to the south so we go by the Shelter and the info hub next door to it. Love it when we hit the newbies with a huge
migration of snails. Anyway come to the track touch the poster there looks like the one below and get your free Giant Snail Avatar for you to customize were at
oh and drop what you can in the kiosk in front of it. 100 percent of all money collected in SL goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

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The nominations for the annual Avi Choice Awards are now out - and open for voting.

Avi Choice Awards posterAvi Choice Awards poster

We're delighted that four shows have been nominated - The First Question, Designing Worlds and Happy Hunting! for Favorite TV Show - and Giant Snail Races (last year's winner!) for Favorite Sporting Event
Many of the people who have appeared on these shows over the years are also nominated for awards in one or more of the four categories (you'll find the TV show category in Entertainment and Giant Snail Races in Miscellaneous!).

There's plenty of choice - so make sure to add your vote!

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Hi been a while since I posted. The Giant Snails have a presence at the SL9B were right off the welcome area off the top of the map. This week were also doing a SL9B themed race. sl9b racessl9b races So get your snaily butt over here Saturday 11:00 AM Exploding Cake for Everyone

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Every month we try to get off the main course and try something new. Well this week we going to race in the snow sims of the Global Online Hockey Association sims. Snails at GOHASnails at GOHA the slurl is here the snail arrows will be popping up soon should be a lot of fun. Want to try it go get a snail from the track. the theme this week is hockey.

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skybeam posterskybeam poster
Well it's that time of year again the Skybeam sims have been around for 5 years now So the snails are here to help celebrate. We have a new longer route this year Charlene Trudeau has really gone through some extensive revamping of the route and found a way to make the race through the 25 sims twice as long, Were doing 2 laps this time. So twice the fun!

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I still say were the longest running running weekly event in Second Life!! We've been doing it since this week in 2004. 3 years before Treet found us. We'll this Sunday we turn 7 and there will be tons of cake this year. 7th Birthday Cake7th Birthday Cake
Especially since we can finally stretch every prim to 64 meters, We rebuilt the cake to new massive proportions. There will be explosions and snail races and well see if our brave daredevil Snail Dude will finally splash safely into the water filled bucket.

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Season 6 weekend 6Season 6 weekend 6

Snail Championship in Season 6Snail Championship in Season 6


Here is the How to on the Devan Course it's at Devon Dream look for the tiny snail to take you up. It's in the stage area on the ground next to the DJ booth


Wow, what a great RFL race this year!

I had a good start, choosing (I think) two of the first three gates correctly. That lasted until the first bridge. I fell straight through into the river, along with another snail, but everyone else seemed to manage it okay.

Read the full post...

Ok well get you the finished trophy then good call on not finishing. But you could a finished just not in the top 3, everyone after that got the same trophy.


I think we should do a Snail Fashion Show. Seriously!

I'm thinking of something very similar to MODA, where there is a runway, and the Snails come out one at a time with some very good "fashion commentary" the way they do on MODA. I am sure we can find somebody to do the commentary. In fact, Duckyfresh Watanabe (who used to do That S'Life is back inworld and would love to do something. She has done lots of fashion commentary in the past for some big shows and also is a very funny girl with a great sense of humor.

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Yes lets do that!! It could go on for hours though if we let everyone show of every variation of there snails though.
Were you going to film it? I don't want to do it unless theirs going to be a record of it.


Of course we'll film it! In fact, that was my whole point.... to really make it a big deal, with total video coverage, just like a real fashion show, and every snail with a great outfit can flirt with the audience and really ham it up.


The runwayThe runway


The runway is beautiful!

OK, so now we need to schedule the show. I wonder if all the snails have any opinion about the date. I'd say we should plan out at least 3 weeks or 4 to get the planning right and all the snails signed up, get a commentator, etc.



well 3 weeks puts it on the next RFL race so 4 weeks might be better


I added some stuff now it's fancier.better runwaybetter runway The Dates been set were doing this the 22nd this month so we need to start getting a list together on who wants to be in this If you have some Snail designs you want to be in this put your name on here.


Check This clip out at 3:47 while talking about Afghanistan during his The Word segment Steven Colbert for no reason at all say's meow meow meow? Is meow meow meow the new yada yada? I'm not saying he got it from us. After all we got it from Mr. Rogers, But sure is a funny thing to say right in the middle of explaining why were involved in Afganistan

Gareth8 pretty fast. I've got my settings turned down low and am currently getting a peak around 140 frames per second! Never seen anything like that anywhere.

Of course, this is in an empty sim :)


Well were at Hawthorne NOW. Like it or not Firesabre needs to close their sims to the public tomorrow. Anyway I'll still be allowed in to grab everything we need to get the track moved to Hawthorne. Were not getting a couple weeks to build a new track. So well be using that test track till we rebuild. This should be interesting. Well be getting the land terraformed soon then we can start trying to adjust the track around to fit the terrain.


Just as well we had had a test then :)

One thing I meant to mention was the scoreboard lag. I touched it and it moved me to my starting position straight away, but it took ages to offer me a scarf and my name wouldn't appear. I didn't know whether to wait for it, or touch it again. I thought that would mean I'd have to wait even longer. Anyway, tried touching it about 8 times and it eventually appeared :)


hi, during last season we was trying to make teams and see how works... seems like can works good but this next season is going to be really a lot of new stuff.. maybe new track again and first races of RFL... so we are going to wait next season to start to make teams of snails.


FireSabre has asked us to test run a race on one of mainland sims they control owned by Chase Rutherford. It's where we used to run the races years ago on Tuesday nights. The place has been wiped clean since then. It used to be a wonderful city build with a replica of the empire state building in the center. If the test goes well we might be moving the track there permanently. Chase is excited at the prospect of having us back there. Firesabre can then close there island sims to the public whenever they need to and work on their nondisclosure clients stuff without worrying about the snails.

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Like the idea of spectators hooking into the treet cam; sounds cool :) and I guess being on the mainland *and* on the ground means more people will discover the track and the races, which can only be a good thing!

Oh, and no more danger of falling off the course, either...which I'll miss, in a way :)


Well we only managed to get around 25 Avatars to come and do the test race at Hawthorne. It seemed to go really well but we often get closer to 40 Avatars at actual races and I think everyone knows that the difference between 25 and 40 avatars in a sim is pretty major. So we really need to figure out how to get at least 35 avatars to the test and see if everything still works.


How about we put an appeal out for volunteers out on the official forum? They seem quite a friendly bunch on there :)

Alternatively, if anyone knew a large, easy-going group maybe they could put out an appeal in a group IM. Might be a danger of being kicked out for spamming, though.

As a last resort we could bribe newbies at welcome areas :)


Well next week were going to try to take everyone to the new course before the Saturday races for a test while we still have nearly 40 people there. If all goes well the following week well do an official race at the new course. If that goes OK well start work on a brand new course there in Hawthorne and hopefully have it ready to go a few weeks after that.


We love people watching races at the track in live and we always trying they can enjoy really good the races. ty all for support and all the fun! ty!

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The Crowd in anime theme
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The Crowd in steampunk theme
Go to Crowd watching races april 09

The Crowd in april 2009

I really think the Hell episode was the best so far. I think a lot of things contributed.

First, the Racing was GOOD. Much better races with a lot more important turning points than usual.

Next, I think the camera work benefited from us revamping the way Camera 3 works. Racer's camera scripts now give some really good options, and combined with Texas work on CAM1 I think this means future episodes will be better, and we'll follow the action more.

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One of the best final of races i saw it! great great final race!, so sad Tindy was going to win her first final race.. and in last last moment... from the top of the ramp...

you can see first she bounce with a small fireball maybe... and then a cow hit she hard hard while she was floating in air... sending she down... just 5 seconds more and she was going to cross goal... anyway good done Tindy! next week!

and i agree yes!! congrats you all making a really nice show!!


Hello all :)

I still can't quite believe how I managed to win that race; coming out of the maze I was in sixth position! Then things went in my favour: Poor Tindallia was knocked off the ramp; Waelya suffered piston failure, as did Spoof; Baldi and Maximus both decided to go straight up the ramp, and I had no choice except to cross my fingers and try the piston, which worked for me.

I'm not sure I'll be that lucky again; I must have used a season's worth in that race alone :)


yay Gareth! cross the goal in first position not always easy!! you maked a nice great final race at the hell! congrats!


Hi seems to me there should be a way to find us in world from here. We always need new snails and we love spectators too. So if your looking for the track click this slurl
Hawthorne map w Text and treet logoHawthorne map w Text and treet logo


Look were on the map!!
this should be sticky how do I do that?

Go to Relay For Life Cross-Country

The Giant Snail Races celebrate Mardi Gras this week and the crew decks out in the costumes of Rio. Join the fun as the snail avatars race for points and glory.

Go to Relay For Life Cross-Country

The Giant Snail Races celebrate Mardi Gras this week and the crew decks out in the costumes of Rio. Join the fun as the snail avatars race for points and glory.

Go to Snail into distance

Giant Snails kick-off the 2011 Relay For Life in SL season with the March event: a 60+ sim cross country race across the Second Life mainland. It's crazy fun for everyone and all for the great cause of finding a cure for cancer. Watch for next month's RFL race and join in.

Go to Stripper rabbit and Ruth dancing

There were some rough seas out there, but the giant snails sailed ahead through the storms to complete two races around the impressive SS Galaxy luxury cruise liner for a fun celebration

Go to Snail Tools

Another fun Saturday of races with a theme of tools - as in hammers & wrenches from the hardware store. Do they still have hardware stores? Prepare to be amazed by this week's Snail Dude plus the Best of Show winners.

Go to Kumi takes a slight lead!!! then jumps off the edge??? WHY?

Sunday Sunday Sunday - It's a new time and the last race day in Season 6. To celebrate Burn 2 in Second Life the snails have their own version: Exploding Man.

Go to TIP 1  Getting Your Snail on

The racing track is transformed into a giant aquarium - nice for the sharks, but what does it mean for the giant snails? See the tribute to all things under water.

Go to There's Annabelle on the Right back to us

The Relay for Life of Second Life weekend included many many special builds and a great course just made for the Limited Edition tiny snail. All for the cause of fighting cancer, this is a fun and crazy way to be a part of it. Go Relay!

Japanese game show meets whacky mini-golf with RacerX Gullwing’s Giant Snail Races a Second Life institution since 2004.
The course is on the mainland grid at Hawthorne, and sees a collection of 45 feet tall snails racing through an obstacle course.

It's a laid back casual fun show where you never know what could happen, especially with a different theme each event resulting in great costumes and antics to match.

There are early qualifying races and the show usually includes two final races. The first race for new rookie snails, the next two races are a mix of whoever registers that morning and the final race is the top finishers from the first three races. Spectators follow the action aboard The Magnificent Snail Tracking Self Propelled Grandstands Colored to match the scarf worn by there sections snail.

Every year the Giant Snails raise funds for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life campaign in Second Life. Once a month for about four months RacerX holds a cross country race across over 40 sims using the existing roads across the grid to raise funds and awareness for RFL.  

For more background, the races were featured on NPIRL a while back:

Always looking for new Snails the Giant Snail avatar is free; contact waelya Tenk or Baldi McMillan for help getting started.

When: Sunday 12:00PM SLT
Where: Giant Snail Races, Hawthorne

Further information:

Production team credits:
    Host/Hosts: RacerX Gullwing, Wiz Norburg, Selene Spellhunter, Kiwi Alpha    
    Producer: We use there sims.
    Director:       Wiz try's but its sort of like herding cats.
    Assistants:     Waelya Tenk our Bi-lingual snail wrangler/recruiter/record keeper and lots more
    Interns: Waelya Tenk (If thats an assistant that works for free) 
    Special Mention (Name/Title): DrFran Babcock / Escargoligist / Substitute Host.