Art and music from the virtual world of Second Life on Tonight Live as Paisley Beebe welcomes guests Monet Destiny - Brooklyn is Watching, Anek Fuchs & Gina Stella - Music performers, and Gracie Kendal - Artist and painter

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Sunday 15th May 6pm slt

New York Times Best Selling Author Michael StackpoleNew York Times Best Selling Author Michael Stackpole

Michael Stackpole, The Future Of Books in The Digital Age

Michael Stackpole is an Award winning Fantasy Science Fiction Author
He is best known for his work in FASA’s BattleTech® universe and for his Star Wars® X-wing comics and bestselling Star Wars® novels. In Second Life he is known as Noble Charron, he holds weekly meetings in Second Life to discuss writing and publishing. Michael is a strong proponent of Digital Books. And as a leading author who is very much part of the digital age of publishing, I was very interested in finding out what the future of Books will look like. With bookshops closing down all over, or morphing into hip coffee shops, will books go the way of the scroll? Will books become more interactive? What about self publishing? is it like the music industry where having an “Album” out is no longer seens as a badge of honor…because anyone can do that these days?

Collaboration Online Where Is It Leading Us?
Collaboration Tools are generally computer applications that make it possible for people to work together and play together.
Richard Meiklejohn has developed a software called Roobaarb for collaboration, he is very invested in virtual worlds, and has strong opinions on collaboration and where its taking us. This week we will be talking to Richard about his software and what he sees as the future of collaboration online, after all its what we are all doing on Second Life isn’t it?

AM Quar Axe Man Of The Guitar!

AM Quar is from Montreal, Canada. He started learning to play guitar at the age of fifteen. His first influences were from Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He has played with many bands including Pop Corn Blues Band, Les Maitres (Morse Code), Les Chevelles, Andre Collin, Projet-X, Pro-Style with Anita Godina, Etc. He plays songs from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Cocker, Classics Blues, Latinos, as well as his own compositions of Blues Rock. AM is going to Rock The Tonight Live Stage this Sunday!

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This week:

ReggieSunset Rookswood who after college played music a bit around his home town, playing in some restaurants and pubs, realized there wasn’t a lot of money playing music went out and got a real job. Reggie fell away from music for a very long time. But In the last 5 years or so, had a resurgence of writing and playing. He plays now in Second Life, and on this weeks show! He has a lovely mellow folksy sound if you love Jim Croce, James Taylor, John Denver, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Sam Cook you’re going to LOVE ReggieSunset Rookswood!


This weeks show we interview some residents from InWorldz. Jim Tarber and Lady Skia both now call InWorldz their home. InWorldz is one of the most successfull Open Sim Virtual Worlds. And as you can see from the picture above, the content in InWorldz is really catching up to Second Life. Both Jim and Lady were Second Life residents, and we find out what they are doing in InWorldz what they love about it, and how the community in InWorldz is growing, and welcoming more and more new residents. InWorldz has over 35,000.00 sign ups now. What makes this Open Sim so popular and how is it progressing since our last interview?

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The Follow on Tonight LiveThe Follow on Tonight Live
We had a great show this week!
View it Here!
The Machinim UWA III: Journeys
JayJay Zifanwe from UWA showed us some entries from the latest Machinim UWA 111 competition, and talks about what the University of Western Australia is still doing here in Second Life and what their plans are for the future.
The Band “The Follow”

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Great Show! and Great Audience this week! Fifty in the Audience not counting Staff guests and Crew! but counting Zombies and other goulish creatures!
POL Arida on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Pic SuperDave SpearmannPOL Arida on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Pic SuperDave Spearmann

POL Arida on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe Pic SuperDave Spearmann

Victoria Sugarplum talked about what the process is for getting MoCap done for dance animations in SL, and discussed the Narnia Production just finished and their up-coming work. We showed a short video of their promotion for Narnia on the show also. More here: Dramatiques Performance Troupe

Musician POL Arida from Edinburgh Scotland sang a rousing song about Government Surveillance “Get Me Out Of Here” And explained why he started writing music again after a 15 years absence and what Second Life means to him.

Anthony Brownrigg real life horror Film Maker, talked about his upcoming film called Archaic Redemption. How it was conceived in Second Life, how Second Life and the role playing sim of City Of Lost Angels was its inspiration and how he used Second Life to workshop the script and plan out the scenes. Tempest Ella was scheduled to appear, but unfortunately due to her situation in Christchurch New Zealand with the recent earth quake destroying her house, she was unable to be online for the show. We were disappointed not to have been able to contact her, and wish her and her family well in this time of great loss and distress. The sim she owns has been raising money for her and her family. And you can go to donate to it. Here:

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Sunday 20th March 2011
Illustration Peter VosIllustration Peter Vos


This weeks guests included Sander Vos/Karkassus a real life film editor of RU There fame who is also the son of the Artist Peter Vos who's work is featured above. Sander talks about his his father's inspirations his dedication to his work, and what he hopes to be able to achieve to keep his fathers legacy alive.


CraigGore Redfield delighted the audience with his original tune, and spoke about his reasons for being in Second Life and what was happening musically with him in real life. His music can also be found here in SL or out in the world on iTunes, or


This week Paisley interviewed, Colin Nilsson VP of Game Development at Second Life Game Company Madpea Productions . Madpea create immersive games and hunts and educational interactive installations in Second Life. And they are amazing truly awesome!

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This Week on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, RedZone, Breedables, SonyaJevette Charisma!

This Sunday 6th March 6pm on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe

The Interview you have all been waiting for!

GreenZone Speaks UP About RedZone

Exclusive Interview this Sunday!

GreenZoneGreenZoneThis Sunday I’ll be interviewing Azure Twine who is the english speaking representative from the GreenZone Team who created a HUD detection device to warn wearers about the security device RedZone, called GreenZone.

The security device RedZone developed by Second Life resident zFire Xue has been in the news these last few weeks because awareness of its privacy violation concerns has reached a zenith, particularly in the S.L Jira started by SmoothKitty Beverly on the 7th Feb 2011 (with 1622 votes at time of press) and on various blogs and message boards like SLUniverse (329 pages at last count!). However concern about RedZone goes right back to middle of last year on the Jira.

RedZone is a security device which tracks and stores I.P addresses of Avatars it scans when you land at the parcel where it is rezzed, it also lists, for the owner of the device, all alts associated with your I.P address, IF when scanned you have a Second Life browser media button active at the time, it then has the ability to show its owner ALL the Alts associated with that I.P address, whether you are at Starbucks or at home…. There is also a RedZone HUD which can also scan people without their consent anywhere on the grid, and show up ALL their associated alts also. There has been an absolute furor on the Second Life Jira over this, that it reached the No 2 spot on the status list, with a huge amount of posts…(keep scrolling…keep scrolling….)

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This Week On Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe!
Sunday 20th February 2011 6pm slt

Motion CaptureMotion CaptureMove your avatar in Second Life with no restrictions PLUS! A Sumerian Artificial Intelligence village is created in Second Life teaches Aussie Uni Students about the life and times in Sumeria in 3000 BC…
Dr Anton Bogdanovych is Shaqq Korobase in Second Life. Dr Anton Bogdanovych is currently Conducting research related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, motion capture. He is currently employed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the University of Western Sydney, School of Computing and Mathematics. Dr Bogdanovych leads the Uruk project aiming at recreating the way of life of ancient Sumerians in the period around 3000 B.C. using Artificial Intelligence. He has also been working extensively on Motion Capture and its use beyond simple animation in the virtual world.

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1000 Avatar Project, Bara Jonson and HBO Director, and Enoch Mildor1000 Avatar Project, Bara Jonson and HBO Director, and Enoch Mildor Click Here To Watch
Featuring Gracie Kendal discussing her 1000 Avatar Project, Enoch Mildor from the Trueblood Vampire Roleplaying Sim & HBO Director Robert Kenner discussing the much talked about Documentary about people who meet online "When Strangers Click" This New Documentary about to be screened on HBO on Valentines Day 14th Feb 2011.

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1000 Avatar Project, Bara Jonson and HBO Director, and Enoch Mildor1000 Avatar Project, Bara Jonson and HBO Director, and Enoch MildorSunday February 6th 2011 6pm slt Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe
This week on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe, not only do we feature the HBO Director and one of the subjects of the Documentary "When Strangers Click" See prev Blog post announcement, we have Gracie Kendel creator of the 1000 Avatar Project, and our Resident Spotlight this week Enoch Mildor from the True Blood Royal Ballroom Club.

Gracie KendalGracie KendalGracie Kendal has been on Tonight Live previously to talk about her Art in real life, (Watch HERE)  and how she brought it over to Second Life. Since our last interview Gracie has been working inworld on 2 other projects, her My Life As An Avatar Project, and lately on her 1000 Avatar Project.

KRISTINE SCHOMAKER: also know as Gracie Kendal, is a Los Angeles based new media and performance artist, painter and art historian. She received her BA in Art History and her MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge. For over 12 years, she has been experimenting with various interdisciplinary art forms including using online virtual worlds and social networking technologies to connect with international audiences and local arts communities. Kristine's current work explores notions of online identity, specifically the construction of Avatars. Her work as a whole stands as an allegory of the relationship between appearance and identity, illusion, belief and reality. Two projects she is presently working on include, "My Life as an Avatar: The Gracie Kendal project" and "1000 Avatars" a contemporary anthropology of portraits of avatars in the virtual world of Second Life. Gracie has also written a thesis on online identity

Gracie has been inundated with Avatars wanting their photo included in this project, so much so that after initially going for 100 Avatars she has now decided to go over the 1000 Avatars...what has she learned about Avatars and herself during this process? what can we learn, what surprised her? and what delighted her. Are you part of this project? come along and be filmed in our audience.

TruebloodTruebloodOur Resident Spotlight This Week features Enoch Mildor, owner of the Trueblood Sim, to talk about the opening of the New Trueblood Royal Ballroom, a great place for dancing contested Open Mic, and Events. Enoch Mildor is King of the Trueblood Empire Clan.  The ballroom is an exciting edition to his empire and we look forward to hearing about the ballroom and his plans for it.Want to be featured as a Resident Spotlight? Go HERE to find out more.

On February 14th 2011, HBO will air a documentary film called “When Strangers Click” directed by Academy Award Nominee Robert Kenner (whose past work includes “Food, Inc.“). The film is about people who have met people they love online, and one segment features a wonderful story from Second Life: a Swedish musician who performs inworld and not only secured a record deal through a connection made in Second Life, but also met a woman (in the US), whom he fell in love with – now the two have a son together.
Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe was honored to be asked to help promote this film to our viewers. On next weeks show I will be interviewing the director Robert Kenner and one of the people featured in the film Second Life Musician Bara Jonson. (Watch Robert Kenner HERE being interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show about his Award Winning film Food Inc.)
See More About this segment in Previous Post.

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    What A Great Show to start 2011!

    We had a full house for this show!
    Pathfinder Lester and Paisley BeebePathfinder Lester and Paisley Beebe

    On this episode, Wiz Nordberg talked about what is happening with Media inside of Second Life and in Real Life and where its all heading, pay for content? Wiz also talks about’s future and what they are going to be offering Second Life Producers this year.

    Pete Mroz/Pilgrim Swashbuckler sang an incredible song from his upcoming Album, and then talked about his plans for his next Album, about Kickstarter an online program for raising funds for startups and creative projects, and how he reacted to the incredible disappointment at losing an investor when he was a week away from recording with a famous Record Producer.

    Pathfinder Lester nee Linden talked about his days at Linden Lab, what he thinks about their new CEO, and where Linden Lab need to concentrate their efforts now to get Second Life Back on the Map. About their Marketing, and about his thoughts on Interoperability between virtual Worlds, and his disappointment with the Education Sector losing their benefits from Linden Lab.

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    How do you pick guests to be on Tonight Live? If I know someone that has an interesting Second Life story to tell who should they contact from the show?


    Great Start Texas :) To get an opportunity to appear on Tonight Live please send a notecard or press release to my P.A Bliss Windlow in SL in notecard form or via email at Outline what the subject is why we should have them on, and a website link if there is one. We book our shows about 6 weeks out, will occasionally rearrange our schedule if there is something important that we must highlight, so give us plenty of time if the subject of the story is tied to a date. We have had a large amount of our guests from press releases or just a simple lead to a great story this way. I also follow twitter leads, facebook leads, and I read and follow a lot of blogs also. We are definitely open to all stories. We choose stories on suitability to our show, timelines, and interest to our viewers. If you are trying to sell something...probably best to ask for sponsorship we are also very interested in that!
    regards Paisley


    BTW want to find out more? Im presenting a Public speaking event in SL this Thursday 19th Feb at 4.30pm!
    see more here